Lose Income From Gaza Op? FAQs All Israelis Should Know

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The missile and the damage done: A car in Ashdod damaged by a rocket that was fired from Gaza, July 8, 2014.Credit: Ilan Assayag

Is a parent who misses work in order to take care of his or her children during Operation Protective Edge eligible to receive a salary?

Anyone who lives between seven and 40 kilometers from Gaza will receive his or her salary if forced to stay home in order to take care of children up to age 14, because the children’s educational institutions are closed at the order of the Home Front Command. Only one parent of each child is eligible to stay home and receive pay, presuming the parents’ office don’t offer childcare arrangements. In the case of children with special needs, parents may stay home for pay for children through age 21.

Must parents pay for childcare arrangements that are closed due to the security situation?

This is a matter of the contract between the parents and the daycare. In cases where the parents don’t pay and the daycare suffers financial damage due to the operation, the business can apply for compensation through the Finance Ministry’s Tax Authority. Eligible businesses are those within 40 kilometers of Gaza.

Are debt collection processes changing due to the operation?

The Israel Bar Association has asked lawyers to show sensitivity and responsibility and not to take debt collection steps during the operation. This is simply a request and not a requirement.

Is an employee who misses work due to the security situation eligible for pay?

In general, workers have been told to go to work during the operation unless receiving a direct order to the contrary. On August 3, a wage agreement was signed regarding employees who have missed work due to the operation. Under this agreement, employees are eligible for full pay, including social benefits, presuming they missed work in keeping with Home Front Command directives. Those who live within seven kilometers of Gaza are automatically eligible for pay.

If someone served in the reserves and was fired, what can he or she do?

The law forbids firing someone during reserve duty or within 30 days of returning to the job, except in cases where special permission is granted. In order to receive permission to fire a worker, the employer has to prove that the cause does not relate to the employee’s reserve duty. If an employee is fired illegally and the employer refuses to reinstate him, he can sue in a labor court and may be granted compensation.

What happens to those whose weddings were canceled due to the security situation?

Payment to service providers, including the event hall, caterers, DJs and photographers, are set based on the terms of the contract. In cases where the couple doesn’t pay and the service provider suffers damage, it is eligible to apply to the Tax Authority for compensation. Eligible businesses are those within 40 kilometers of Gaza.

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