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What time is it really? If your smartphone doesn't have the right OS, you may have to keep it manually until the end of October.Credit: Bloomberg

Is your smartphone now on standard time?

With the switch to standard time from daylight saving (or summer) time, Israelis gained an hour of sleep overnight, as the clock officially moved back one hour at 2 A.M. If you have a smartphone, it’s worth checking that it made the transition correctly. Most newer model smartphones are correctly programmed to fall back by an hour automatically, but some older models – such as the iPhone 3, the Galaxy 1 and 2, and the Nexus One – might be on the wrong time unless they were set to Athens time rather than Jerusalem time. That’s because some of these phones’ systems were programmed with inaccurate information that the move to standard time was on September 28. The owners of these models should now reset their phones to Jerusalem time or an automatic time setting through the “time and date” settings on their phones. (Amitai Ziv)

Employment Service offices remain closed

Government Employment Service offices, which have been closed due to a strike by staff members since last week, will remain closed Sunday. Worker representatives will only be meeting on Monday, in an effort to iron out a resolution to the dispute which arose due to workers’ objections to management’s plan to eliminate 12 of the Employment Service’s 72 branch offices around the country. (Haim Bior)

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