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Alvarion has debts of $24.4m, assets of $23m

Alvarion has debt totaling $24.4 million and assets worth just $23 million, the receiver for the bankrupt maker of wireless communications equipment, Yoav Kfir, said Sunday in a preliminary report. Judge Eitan Orenstein of the Tel Aviv District Court agreed to let Kfir operate the company on a temporary basis for the next 30 days. Kfir said some employees, particularly those in research and development, were prepared to reach a settlement with him over money Alvarion owes and won the court’s approval to reach terms with them. The company’s biggest debts are $3.3 million to Silicon Valley Bank of California, $1.6 million to employees and $17.5 million to suppliers, Kfir said. ‏(Yasmin Gueta‏)

Maariv leads ongoing newspaper decline

The number of people reading a weekday daily newspaper continued to decline in the first half of the year, with newspaper exposure falling to 60.5% of the public in January-June, from 63.8% in the second half of 2012, according to the half-year survey of the market research firm TGI. Weekend newspapers also saw their exposure decline, to 62.6% ‏(from 65.1%‏) in the two periods, TGI said. The biggest loser was Maariv, whose exposure plunged 40% on weekdays, with only 5.8% of the public reading it. Its weekend edition saw exposure decline by 30%, to 8.1% of the public. Yedioth Ahronoth and Yisrael Hayom both saw their exposure decline to 36.9%, but the latter’s was sharper, according to TGI. ‏(Nati Tucker‏)

The Maariv building in Tel Aviv: Another loan from Discount.Credit: David Bachar