Apple Watch Makes Tech Fashionable

The jury is out as to whether the smartwatch will become an irresistable fashion accessory, says Vogue magazine.

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The Apple Watch comes in several versions and with 18 different straps.
The Apple Watch comes in several versions and with 18 different straps.Credit: Reuters

The highly anticipated unveiling of the Apple Watch, which marks the company’s foray into wearable technology, has raised considerable interest in the fashion world.

At first glance it looks more like a Swiss watch than a computer game strapped to the wrist. The device is rectangular, with rounded corners and a smooth, sapphire stone face. It comes in three versions with six options per screen, two screen sizes, 18 different straps (including rubber, metal and leather) and, most importantly, it’s adaptable to the wearer’s taste.

“All functionality aside, the Apple Watch is being launched as a personalizable object of beauty - a thing aimed to go straight to the centers of the brain where our lust for luxury and showing off reside,” Vogue magazine wrote.

So what’s new in the Apple Watch? The next big thing in wearable tech comes in several versions, from a sports watch to much more prestigious options like an 18-carat gold watch.

The jewel in the new device’s crown is a digital pointer that replaces the mouse, enabling the wearer to zoom in, use apps, communicate and operate the apparatus. The new, iPhone-compatible watch will adjust itself to the user’s wrist movements, allowing access to wi-fi, navigation and activities focused on health and fitness.

While Apple is not the first to launch a smartwatch, its innovation is in its ability to adjust quickly to the wearer’s fashion needs. It enables swift screen changes (from landscapes to Disney characters), offers luxury straps of leather, gold or even more precious metals and possesses the Apple “cool factor,” which always plays a role, regardless of the object itself.

To cite Vogue again, “will all this be enough to persuade an entire population to change its habits? Only time will tell.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook at the launch of the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 on Tuesday.Credit: AFP

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