Nearly 40% of Israeli Families Can't Cover Monthly Expenses, Study Shows

Average Israeli family spends $4,646 a month, according to Central Bureau of Statistics data released ahead of Family Day.

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Tali Heruti-Sover.
Tali Heruti-Sover

The average Israeli family with two children has expenses totaling 16,200 shekels ($4,646) a month, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, which published the data in honor of Family Day, which is on Friday.

The average household with children spends 30% more than the average household without children, the bureau found in a survey.

Plus, some 38% of families said they are not able to cover their expenses every month.

There are currently some 1.87 million families in Israel, up from about 1.5 million in 2000. Some 80% of the families are Jewish. Half of the families consist of two parents and children up to age 17, for an average of 3.72 members.

Some 61% of households are able to cover their expenses every month. A total of 14% say they cover expenses “with no difficulty.” Some 38% cannot cover their household expenses, including 27% who say they “don’t entirely manage to cover” expenses and 11% who say they “cannot cover expenses at all.”

In 2012, the average household spent 14,273 shekels ($4,093) a month. The average household with two children spent 16,200 shekels ($4,646) a month, while the average household with no children spent about 12,000 shekels ($3,441) a month. The average household with three children and up spent upwards of 17,000 shekels ($4,875) a month.

The largest family expenses were housing (23% of the total expenditure), transportation and communication (19%) and food (16%). The more children a household has, the more that household spends on bread, rolls and pitas, chocolate spread, snack foods, breakfast cereal and pudding. Households without children tended to spend more on gourmet bread and taxis.

Cost of living protests in Israel, June 2012.Credit: Emil Salman