Handcuffed to Cops, Brothers of Murdered Israeli Arab Woman Attend Her Funeral

The family of Dua’a Abu Sharkh refused to begin the funeral procession without her three arrested brothers.

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The brothers of murdered Dua’a Abu Sharkh at her funeral in Lod on September 25, 2016.
The brothers of murdered Dua’a Abu Sharkh at her funeral in Lod on September 25, 2016. Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

The police Sunday agreed to release the brothers of Dua’a Abu Sharkh, who was shot to death on Friday in front of her four children in Lod, so that they could attend her funeral while handcuffed to policemen.

The three brothers were arrested over the weekend in connection with the murder, along with one other man. Hundreds of the woman’s relatives had previously demonstrated in front of the police station, refusing to begin the funeral procession until her brothers were released.

Imad Abu Sharkh, the father of the dead woman, said that “in every murder in the Arab sector they leave the murderer alone, despite knowing very well who he is, labeling the case an ‘honor killing.’ That’s a lie. Not every murder has to do with family honor.”

Relatives of the woman told Haaretz Sunday that two years ago the woman’s former partner abducted her and tried to kill her, but she managed to escape. They said that he used to beat her, and since they parted had prevented her from seeing her four children.

The father added that “we feel there is an injustice here, her brothers are under arrest and the police have been promising all day to release them for the funeral, and then at the last moment they change their minds.”

“The protest was over the shame and indignity they inflicted on us,” said Sheikh Yousef Al Baz. “We decided not to bury her without the brothers. In the end the police agreed.”

Khaled Azbarga, the family’s attorney, added that “the family believes that the police had enough information to prevent this murder. They did nothing and even afterwards, instead of starting a thorough investigation and exposing the real criminals, they arrested her brothers without [initially] releasing them for the funeral.”

Earlier, Fida Shehadeh, a cousin of the murdered woman, said “there are hundreds of us waiting for hours until the brothers are released, after being arrested for no reason. This wasn’t an honor killing and the police know it. There is no point in holding the brothers. The family decided not to hold a funeral without them.”

Renin Abu Sharif, another cousin, added that “it’s crazy that innocent people are arrested while the murderers go free.”