Rank and File: British Envoy to Israel Hosts Hundreds for Sukkot

School of Shine celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a fundraiser in Tel Aviv; Adeena Sivan to perform one-woman show about teaching.

British envoy David Quarrey in the embassy sukkah.

Get your pink on: The women’s community School of Shine celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a fundraiser in Tel Aviv next Friday. Proceeds will go to an Israeli charity that supports breast cancer awareness. School of Shine founder Zohar “Zo” Flamenbaum notes that popular bakeries including Cafe Xoho, Bread Story and Bread and Co. will donate goodies to Bake and Booze for Boobies, from 1:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. at Beer Garden (2 Reines St., Dizengoff Square). Last year’s event attracted over 500 people and raised more than 6,000 shekels for 1in9.org, which conducted a breast cancer workshop. Flamenbaum, who was raised in New Jersey and came to Israel in 2011, says she wanted to bring together businesses, English-speakers and charities. “I put out a call on Facebook for volunteers and got 40 women,” she said. For more info, contact Zo at (054) 615-4315.

Teach your children well: Adeena Sivan, who as a child immigrated Jerusalem from New York, gave up an acting career to become an English teacher. Last month, she returned to the stage in a one-woman show about teaching. In wake of its success, she will perform it again in Ramat Hasharon on October 30. “This monologue is based on my experience inside and outside the classroom,” says Sivan about “Lelo Mora,” a double entendre that means both without a teacher and without fear. She told Haaretz that the play, about a teacher who goes before a disciplinary committee after losing it with a particularly disobedient student, is not based on a real event but rather dramatizes in order to spark a debate about “the permissiveness and the entitlement” she sees plaguing Israel’s educational system. “We are busy with their psyche and not teaching,” she said of the situation, noting the show also has some funny observations. For tickets, visit http://htz.li/Lelo.

Sukkot hospitality: British Ambassador David Quarrey and his husband, Aldo Henriques, have taken ushpizin, the Jewish tradition of hosting guests during the Sukkot holiday, to a new level this year. After decorating the sukkah in his official residence with friends from Akim, the national organization caring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Israel, the ambassador hosted hundreds of people this week. Around 100 friends and figures from the private sector visited Tuesday night, including eToro’s Sam Rudnick and William Hill’s Natalie Seeff, both of them University of Nottingham graduates; Tony Burchell of Parsons Brinckerhoff Israel and Cambridge alum David Cohen of Asserson Law Offices. On Wednesday, some 400 Israeli graduates and prospective students at British universities were special guests. Yesterday, the ambassador hosted 20 youths from Bnei Akiva U.K.’s gap year program in the morning and numerous politicians and civil society organization figures in the evening.

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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