Bringing 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' to Israel's Tourism Industry / Journeys Podcast

Host Rogel Alpher meets Dr. Lionel Bobot, who made Aliyah from France with his family three years ago, and has since thrown himself into developing the Israeli tourism industry.

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Lionel Bobot.

Born in Tunisia and raised in France, Dr. Lionel Bobot made Aliyah with his family nearly three years ago.

When he moved here, Dr. Bobot set himself the goal of developing tourism in Israel, primarily from France. He started by establishing the first Israeli branch of the International Hotel Management School Vatel, where he served as director until May 2014. He also hosted a show called "Les Enjeux de l'Economie" ("Economic Stakes") on French TV, which focused on Israeli tourism, economics and gastronomy, and had over 500,000 viewers.

He is now the International Project Manager of Tadmor School in Herzliya, a public culinary institute. He joins Rogel Alpher to discuss the potential he sees in the Israeli tourism industry, and to explain how and why he managed to bring Yoplait to Israel in the late 90s.

Gali Atari with Milk & Honey – Hallelujah
Michel Fugain – Fais Comme L'oiseau
Charles Aznavour – Emmenez Moi
Claude Haddad – L'hymne A L'Alya
Pharrell Williams – Happy
Shirley Bassey – Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix)
"So French So Tasty" – French Gastronomic Week in Israel 2014 (commercial tune)