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An 'ozer' is an 'assistant,' but could also mean 'he's helping' - a verb in the present tense. How are you supposed to know which one it is?

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An "ozer" is an "assistant," but could also mean "he’s helping" - a verb in the present tense. How are you supposed to know which one it is?

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Words and expressions discussed:

Azar – He helped – עזר

Shalom, efshar laazor – Hello, may I help? – ?שלום, אפשר לעזור

Efshar laazor lecha? – May I help you? – ?אפשר לעזור לך

La’azor, laavod, laanot – To help, to work, to answer – לעזור, לעבוד, לענות

Ata yachol laazor li bevakasha? At yechola laazor li bevakasha? – Could you help me please? – ?אתה יכול לעזור לי בבקשה? את יכולה לעזור לי בבקשה

Ulay at yechola la’azor li – Maybe you can help me – אולי את יכולה לעזור לי

Eich ani yachol/yechola laazor lecha? – How can I help you? – איך אני יכול/יכולה לעזור לך?

Ze mamash azar li – This really helped me –זה ממש עזר לי

Ze lo azar – It didn’t help – זה לא עזר

Hayiti be-20 tipulim, shum davar lo azar – I went to 20 sessions, nothing helped – הייתי ב-20 טיפולים, שום דבר לא עזר

Lo ya’azor bet din – Even a court won’t help (Nothing will help) – לא יעזור בית דין

Lo ya’azor klum – Nothing can help – לא יעזור כלום

Ozer – He’s helping / Assistant – עוזר

Ozer sar – Assistant to the minister – עוזר שר

Ozer bayit / ozeret bayit – Cleaner – עוזר בית / עוזרת בית

Ha-natsim ve-ozreyhem – The Nazis and their helpers – הנאצים ועוזריהם

Ezra – Help – עזרה

Ezra – A guy’s name – עזרא

Ezra rishona – First aid – עזרה ראשונה

Likro le’ezra – To call for help – לקרוא לעזרה

Yafa sheli – My beauty – יפה שלי

At chayevet lilmod levakesh ezra – You must learn how to ask for help – את חייבת ללמוד לבקש עזרה

Levakesh ezra mi - To ask for help from someone – -לבקש עזרה מ

Ha-mishtara mevakeshet et ezrat ha-tsibur – The Police is asking the help of the public – המשטרה מבקשת את עזרת הציבור

Be’ezrat ha-shem – With the help of god – בעזרת השם

Bi’siata di-shmaya (Basad) – With the help of the sky (god) – (בסיעתא דשמיא (בס"ד

Ne’ezer – He was helped – נעזר

Ne’ezer be- – To be helped by – -נעזר ב

Ani ne’ezer be-milon kedei likro ivrit – I am being helped by a dictionary in order to read Hebrew – אני נעזר במילון כדי לקרוא עברית

Lehe’azer be – To be helped, assisted by – להיעזר ב

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