Bedouin Man Charged With Murder of Infant Son

Ismail al-Dapshak is accused of hurling his crying 3-month-old son to the ground, causing his subsequent death.

The Be'er Sheva District Court on Thursday charged a Bedouin man suspected of killing his infant son.

Ismail al-Dapshak allegedly hurled his crying 3-month-old to the ground, causing the baby to lose consciousness. He died in the hospital shortly after.

The alleged incident occurred after al-Dapshak and his wife, both members of the Al-Azzma tribe in the Negev, returned home from a shopping trip. Al-Dapshak allegedly sat beside his sleeping son in the couple's bedroom while his wife went out to the balcony.

The baby awoke and began to cry, allegedly prompting Al-Dapshak to lift him in the air and fling him forcefully to the floor. The suspect then called to his wife and showed her their son, unconscious on the floor. His wife grabbed the child and ran to the home of relatives, who described her as looking visibly alarmed.

Al-Daphak allegedly followed his wife to their relatives and took the child to a medical clinic in the nearby town of Segev Shalom. Paramedics rushed the baby by ambulance to Soroka Medical Center, where he arrived in critical condition. Attempts at emergency brain surgery failed, and the baby was pronounced dead.

The prosecutor has requested to extend the suspect's remand until the end of court proceedings.

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Kobi Gideon