Barak's Wife Indicted for Illegally Employing Foreign Worker

Nili Priel was indicted for employing a Filipino worker without a permit and against the Law of Entry to Israel.

An indictment was served against Nili Priel, the wife of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, by the Labor Court on Sunday, for illegally employing a foreign worker at her Akirov Towers apartment in Tel Aviv.

Priel was charged with employing Virginia, a Filipino worker, without a permit and against the Law of Entry to Israel, without medical insurance and with no employment contract.

barak - David Bachar - October 22 2010
David Bachar

The punishment for these crimes can reach a fine of up to NIS 100,000.

Priel admitted last year that she had employed an illegal foreign worker as a house cleaner and said she takes full responsibility for the action.

Late last year, Attorney General Yhuda Weinstein said he would not pursue an investigation of Barak himself, citing insufficient evidence linking Barak to the illegal hiring of Virginia.

In accordance with immigration authorities' policy, Weinstein decided not summon Barak to an investigation in the case.

The attorney general responded to a petition to the High Court of Justice submitted by the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, which demanded to open an investigation against Barak himself and not only against Priel, for illegally hiring an illegal worker.

Coincidentally, the Population and Immigration Authority is compiling a case against the attorney general's wife for the hiring of an illegal worker, but it has not yet been decided whether or not to charge Weinstein or his wife in the case.