'Bad Jews' in the Limelight

Plus, a time and place for turkey and the art of healing

Steven Klein
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The cast of "Bad Jews," performing at Center Stage in Ra'anana.
The cast of "Bad Jews," performing at Center Stage in Ra'anana.Credit: Jared Crankshaw
Steven Klein

SPOTLIGHT ON ‘BAD JEWS’: Center Stage, Israel’s first English-language professional theater, officially opened its doors with a performance of “Bad Jews” in Ra’anana on Thursday. The play has sold out across the world for years “because Joshua Harmon, the playwright, has a gift for finding the universal in the specific,” Drew Feldman, the show’s director, told Haaretz of the dramedy. “With savage humor and biting dialogue, he unravels family dynamics and allows us to find our place within them.” Feldman, who grew up in Texas, added that Harmon wrote him a note not to be surprised “if some nights it plays dramatically and others comedically, and you hear laughs in places you wouldn’t expect, because it spans both worlds.” The cast features Laura Tatar, Shahaf Ifhar, Tomer Butnaru and Amber Joy Layne. The producer is Rebecca Flanders. Further performances run from Saturday night through January 4. For tickets, call 09-978-2552 or visit centerstageisrael.com

TIME FOR TURKEY: The fall weather has arrived better late than never, more importantly in time for Thanksgiving next Thursday. Once again, the American holiday will be celebrated in many venues across Israel. Immigrant-support group Nefesh B’Nefesh will hold a dinner in Haifa, hosted by Eti Gipsman. For more info, email Eti at egipsman@nbn.org.il. The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Lein will host its meal for pre-draft, current and post-service lone soldiers in Jerusalem. NBN’s Tel Aviv branch and Kerem House will also be hosting dinners in Tel Aviv, with NBN TLV aiming for the 40+ crowd and Kerem focusing on the young international community. For those who can’t make it Thursday, the Tel Aviv International Synagogue is holding its Elegant Thanksgiving Shabbat Turkey Dinner Friday. More details for all three events are on their respective Facebook pages.

THE ART OF HEALING: As part of the Jerusalem Biennale for Jewish Art, artist and educator Edna Miron-Wapner will present her book “Expressive Kavannah: Creativity, Meaning and Healing” in Jerusalem’s Heichal Shlomo this Sunday at 4 P.M. The book is “an educational, therapeutic and spiritual journey to access the innate creativity we all share,” according to Miron-Wapner, who was born in Israel and grew up in Montreal.“The synthesis of Jewish wisdom and art therapy offer a path to creativity, meaning and healing to enrich our lives,” she notes. “The book is what I’ve been teaching the last 25 years and I decided I had to write all this stuff down,” she told Haaretz. She added that writing the book allowed her “to clarify all the concepts to present in a way that people could navigate educationally or use the book for personal exploration.” For more info, call Edna at (050) 633-0850. Her website is ednamironwapner.com

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