Back Online After Passover? Catch Up With Haaretz

From Syrian fire on the Golan to the worst sandstorm to hit Israel in years, Haaretz brings you the top headlines of the last couple days of the holiday.

A mortar shell fired from Syria landed in the Israeli Golan Heights on Tuesday evening, while in another part of the Golan an IDF patrol came under light fire, also coming from across the border. IDF forces fired tank shells into Syrian territory in response.

Clashes erupted in Hebron between Palestinian protesters and IDF troops after a 64-year-old Palestinian security prisoner died of cancer on Tuesday morning while in Israeli custody. PA President Mahmoud Abbas blamed Israel for the man's death.

Heavy sandstorms engulfed most of Israel on Monday, limiting visibility and causing up air pollution to reach levels 40 times higher than average rates. The Environmental Protection Ministry said the story was the worst to hit the country in four years.

A 2,000 year-old synagogue in the Syrian capital Damascus was reported damaged by shelling and looting on Monday. The government and anti-regime rebels both blamed the other side for the damage.

New Finance Minister Yair Lapid plans to meet with Histadrut labor organization head Ofer Eini to discuss planned cutbacks as part of Israel's next national budget, in an attempt to head off work slowdowns and strikes.

A dozen IDF reserve soldiers spent the Passover holiday watching over a cluster of empty homes in a West Bank settlement long slated for demolition, while the residents of the place spent the holiday elsewhere, on vacation with their families.

Israelis are among the most content people in the Western world, according to a new OECD study, despite the fact that their country ranked low compared to other countries in the organization in areas such as housing and income.

North Korea announced plans on Tuesday to restart a mothballed nuclear reactor that has been closed since 2007, while a state news agency said the country would restart all nuclear facilities, both civilian and military. The announcement came amid soaring tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Argentinian-born documentary filmmaker Gabriela Böhm hopes her film about a Jewish prostitution ring active 100 years ago will inspire today's victims of sex trafficking to take a stand.

More and more secular Israelis are venturing into the ultra-Orthodox Tel Aviv suburb Bnei Brak to search out authentic kosher food.