Azealia Banks Responds to BDS Anger: 'I Too Live in a Country Which Has Issues'

Banks' Tel Aviv concert tour announcement has fans calling for cancellation in support of the BDS movement, but she is not having it

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Azealia Banks. In addition to Tel Aviv, will be visiting Istanbul, Seoul, London and Tokyo.
Azealia Banks. In addition to Tel Aviv, will be visiting Istanbul, Seoul, London and Tokyo.Credit: A screenshot from AzealiaBanksVEVO Youtube channel

Azaelia Banks responded to calls from supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement to cancel her upcoming Tel Aviv show, saying that "my fans in Israel have been waiting for years for me to come," and confirming her plans. 

"I too live in a country which has its issues but I cannot hold my fans in America responsible for our country's problems and deny them the right to a good time," said Banks in a comment on her original Instagram post announcing her concert.

Azealia Banks responds to fan over BDS outcry on Instagram, February 18, 2018.Credit:

She continued, "Me cancelling my concert would be totally anti-Semitic and I'm not going to EVER make any of my fans feel like they don't have a place in my heart." 

African-American rapper Azealia Banks announced she would preform at Tel Aviv’s Barby Club on May 7. Since then, followers have called for her to cancel the show in solidarity with the BDS movement.

One surfer wrote: “You are known as a supporter of blacks, until it comes to joining the global force that is calling for a boycott against Israel, in order to make a small profit.” Another commenter noted that Israel is working toward the expulsion of 40,000 African asylum seekers.

Azealia Banks concert announcement through Instagram, February 18, 2018.