Attempted Stabbing in West Bank; Palestinian Shot Dead

Police say Palestinian approached a security guard while brandishing a knife at Qalandiyah checkpoint. Another guard on site then killed the Palestinian, no others were injured in the incident.

Israeli security forces gather at the site where a Palestinian was shot dead after allegedly walking towards guards wielding a knife at the Qalandia checkpoint crossing between the West Bank city of Ramallah and Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem. 
"A Palestinian attempted to cross the checkpoint using the vehicle lane and approached security guards brandishing a knife," police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement, "The terrorist was neutralised," she added, later confirming he had been killed.
Ahmad Gharabli / AFP

A Palestinian man tried to stab an Israeli security guard in the West Bank on Tuesday morning, leading security guards to shoot him, according to police. The Palestinian was killed, and no Israelis were injured in the incident.

The Palestinian approached a security guard on foot at the Qalandiyah checkpoint near Jerusalem, raising the guards' suspicions, police said. One guard approached him and asked him for identification, at which point the Palestinian is said to have pulled a knife out of his pocket and tried to stab the guard a number of times.

The Palestinian was then shot and killed. He has been identified by Palestinian sources as Jihad Mohammed Khalil, 48, from the village of Beit Wazan near Nablus. He worked as a clerk at the local authority and took part in the first intifada. However people from his village told Haaretz they could not understand his motives, especially due to his age, and some said he might have been mentally distraught recently.

At the beginning of November, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded by shrapnel after troops came under fire at a checkpoint near the West Bank city of Tul Karm. A Palestinian man was shot and killed on the same day after attempting to stab soldiers at the Ofra Junction north of Jerusalem.