Attempted Car-ramming Attack in West Bank Leaves One Israeli Soldier Wounded

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IDF soldiers keep a watchful eye on proceedings, January 14, 2018.
FILE PHOTO: Israeli soldier keep an eye over Qasr el-YahudCredit: Olivier Fitoussi

An attempted car-ramming attack in the West Bank has left on Israeli soldier lightly wounded on Friday.

According to initial reports from the army, a Palestinian car approached the baptism site in Qasr el-Yahud, a popular tourist destination in the Jordan Valley. After being refused entry, the Palestinians ran into the soldiers, hurting one. The forces arrested the driver and he is now in interrogation.

>> Christian pilgrims from across the world come to Israel to visit this site. There's just one problem: It's sitting in a minefield <<

On Thursday, Israeli security forces raided a house in the Jenin refugee camp and killed a Palestinian man who was reportedly involved in last week's drive-by shooting that killed Rabbi Raziel Shevach near the Havat Gilad outpost in the West Bank.

The Palestinian health ministry said at night that the man killed in the raid is Ahmed Nasser Jarrer, the son of a Hamas official in the West Bank who was killed in fire exchanges with the Israeli military during the second intifada in 2002.

However, later on Thursday Jarrer’s family released a statement according to which Jarrer was not hurt in the shootout and managed to flee the building before the Israeli army’s raid.