Assaf Harel Explains the Latest Trend in Israeli Politics: Blaming the New Israel Fund

'In Israel, we have a new and dangerous enemy. Yup. No, not Iran, Iran is no longer needed. Not Hezbollah this time... No, it's not Avi Gabay, not Breaking the Silence...'

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Assaf Harel: The New Israel Fund – The new Satan
Assaf Harel: The New Israel Fund – The new Satan of the Israeli right. Credit: Screen grab

Haaretz's own political satirist sounds off on the latest boogy man the Israeli right has conjured to distract the public - the New Israel Fund. 

"It’s now the hottest trend on the right, is to blame anything on the New Israeli Fund: Channel 10 – the New Israel Fund. Anti-Semitism – the New Israel Fund," jokes Harel. In almost 40 years the organization has donated some $350 million to different causes in Israel. What are these "shocking and outrageous causes in Israel?" Asks Harel.

Harel explains: One expample: "Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law. The Fund gave money to the "Bizchut" organization, which promoted the law that states it’s forbidden to discriminate against a person with disabilities when hiring. Do you understand? Because of them, we have started seeing disabled, deaf and mute people in all sorts of places."

Assaf Harel: The New Israel Fund – The new SatanCredit: Haaretz