As Part of 'Israel's Return to Africa', Netanyahu Heads to Liberia

Netanyahu takes off for west Africa, expected to sign agriculture development deal, anti-terror cooperation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L), flanked by Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta (2nd L) and military officials, during his visit to State House in Nairobi on July 5, 2016, during his trip with Africa.
Simon Maina, AFP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took off for Liberia on Saturday night where he was expected to attend a conference of western African nations and sign a number of agreements that would boost Israel's ties to the region.

"I am flying tonight to the West African country of Liberia at the invitation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). This is the first time that a non-African leader has been invited to speak at the important forum," Netanyahu wrote.

"My visit to Liberia is another chapter in the attempt to break the automatic anti-Israel majority in the United Nations. This process will take years... In the meantime, Israel is coming back to Africa in a big way," Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.

During his visit, he will meet with a number of leaders from West African nations and will sign a deal to enhance bilateral ties on a wide variety of areas including agriculture, especially anti-desertification efforts, but also homeland security and cybersecurity as well as culture and science.

In addition to an agreement to work together to reduce poverty and improve water resources, the two sides are expected to declare their cooperation in what the Prime Minister's Office described as "the fight against terror."

Last July, Netanyahu flew to Africa, giving a speech at the Entebbe Airport in Uganda commemorating the 40th anniversary of the daring Israeli commando raid there that saw his brother killed in action. Netanyahu was accompanied by an 80-strong delegation of Israeli business executives from more than 50 companies and attended a summit with leaders from Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Zambia