Anti-Trump Americans in Israel to Demonstrate in Solidarity With Women’s March on Washington

Goal is 'to show other Jewish organization in the U.S. that there are American-Israelis who care and are taking a stand against this wave of bigotry,' organizer says.

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American-Israelis opposed to Donald Trump will hold a demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv the day after his presidential inauguration.

The event is meant to coincide with the Women’s March on Washington, which is expected to draw more than 100,000 participants.

Those gathering in Washington will demonstrate in support of women's and minorities' rights. By organizing the march on Donald Trump's first day in office, organizers aim to stand against the divisive rhetoric of the presidential campaign and affirm unity and non-violence. The march is organized by women but is open to all.

Three groups have teamed up to organize the solidarity demonstration in Tel Aviv: Pantsuit-Nation Israel (the local satellite of a grass-roots organization of women who supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the last election and whose title was inspired by her outfit of choice) and two Diaspora anti-occupation groups, IfNotNow and All That’s Left.

In its Facebook announcement of the event, Pantsuit-Nation Israel appeared to be apologizing for collaborating with such blatantly political organizations. “Cooperation with other groups does not mean that Pantsuit-Nation endorses their politics or ideology,” said the invitation. “Now is a time for us to come together and work to resist Trump and his ideology. There is a lot of work to be done, and we are Stronger Together.”

Mindy Goldberg, the founder of Pantsuit-Nation Israel, said she expected about 50 demonstrators to show up. The list of speakers, she said, had not yet been finalized.

“Our objective is to show other Jewish organization in the United States that there are American-Israelis who care and are taking a stand against this wave of bigotry,” she said.

The three groups, said Goldberg, had decided to join forces after it emerged that each was planning on holding its own separate event to protest the Trump inauguration. 

The joint invitation says that the demonstration is open to all those who want “to stand with us in advocating for justice, freedom, and tolerance, and to stand against the misogyny, anti-Semitism, racism, and corruption of Trump and his administration.”

Although non-Americans are welcome to join, said Goldberg, the event is meant to target U.S. citizens living in Israel “who are feeling detached and troubled because of the election results.”