Elections, Anti-semitism and the Future of Zionism: 2016's Best Haaretz Opinions

Top thinkers from around the world added their voices to issues ranging from the Brexit, the election of Donald Trump to all facets of Israeli life and politics in the tumultuous year that was 2016.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, gestures as he talks prior to what the organisers said was a soccer match between Turkey's soccer stars against terrorism, in Istanbul, Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016.

David Schraub

The Grotesque anti-Semitic Turn of David Friedman, Trump’s Pick for Israel Ambassador    

Anat Hoffman

Today, Israeli Leaders' Incitement Against Reform Jews Became Death Threats

Louis Fishman

Elegy for Turkey, Now a One-party State

Dave Rich

The U.K. Foreign Office’s Secret Survey to 'Measure Zionist Influence'

William Kolbrener

'But He's Good for Israel': The Moral Failure of pro-Trump Orthodox Jews

Peter Beinart

I Still Love America. But, After Trump's Victory, I Don’t Trust It

Sara Hirschhorn

Liberal Zionists, We Lost the Kids

Eric Yoffie

American Jewish Support for Israel Is Eroding, and It's Got Nothing to Do With the Palestinians

Haroon Moghul

If You're Gonna Do an anti-Muslim Thought Experiment, Take It All the Way

Simone Zimmerman

American Jewish Millennials Aren't Disengaged From Israel, We're Angry

Gary Spedding

We in the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Have a Problem With anti-Semitism

Hasia Diner, Marjorie N. Held

We’re American Jewish Historians. This Is Why We’ve Left Zionism Behind

Jonathan Sarna

The American Jews Who've Exchanged Their Utopian Myths About Israel for Demonic Ones

Samuel G. Freedman

The Complicity of Trump's Jewish Appointees

Laura Sonnenberg

Want to Fight Racism? Renounce Israel. This Is My Campus Reality

Dan Kurtzer

Hawk to Dove, Pro-settlements to Pro-peace: Shimon Peres Was It All

Tony Blair

Shimon Peres Pursued Peace for the Sake of Israel's Values, and for Palestinians' Human Dignity

Avi Shafran

Like It or Not, the American Jewish Future Is Orthodox, and Deeply Conservative

Rokhl Kafrissen

How the Jewish-American Elite Has Manufactured the Intermarriage 'Crisis'

Rita Khoury

I Am a Palestinian Citizen of Israel, and I’m Not an Enemy of the State

Michael J. Koplow

Keith Ellison Has a Real Israel Problem

Alan Dershowitz

Bannon's Not an Anti-Semite. But He Is an Anti-Muslim, Anti-women Bigot

Eric Alterman

Steve Bannon, Trump’s Rasputin in the White House

Samuel Heilman

As Modern Orthodoxy Declines, a Jewish Trump-voting Religious Right Is Ascendant

Cassia Roth

The Trump-fueled 'Safe Spaces' for anti-Semitism Few American Jews Ever See

Mik Moore

Forget Denial. Trump Wants the 'anti-Semitic' Label to Stick

Steven Klein

I Believe in a Palestinian State. But I Can’t Mark Nakba Day

Sam Bahour

Don't Call Us 'Israeli Arabs': Palestinians in Israel Speak Out      

Ariel David

For the Iranian President, Rome Covers Up Its Statues and Gives Up Its Values