Amos Oz: Who Will Succeed Peres' 'Essential' Pursuit of Peace?

The prize-winning novelist, in his graveside eulogy to statesman Shimon Peres, challenges Israeli leaders to pursue the unfinished business of resolving decades of conflict with the Palestinians.

Writer Amos Oz speaks at Shimon Peres's funeral on September 30, 2016 at Jerusalem's Mt. Herzl cemetery.
Gil Yochanan

Prize-winning Israeli author Amos Oz called on Friday for Israel to pursue Shimon Peres' legacy of seeking peace with the Palestinians, but wondered at who might be the "brave leaders" able to do so.

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In his graveside eulogy at Peres' funeral, Oz said:

"Peace is not only possible. It is essential, because we have nowhere to go from here, and the Palestinians also have nowhere to go from here. There is no alternative to dividing this house into two apartments and to turn it into a two-family house.

"Where are the brave leaders who will stand up and make these things a reality? Where are Shimon Peres’ successors?," Oz said.

"True, on occasion Shimon was tripped up and faltered, but when he faltered, it happened because he was looking towards the stars," the writer added.

"There are those who say that peace is impossible, but it is essential and unavoidable," Oz said.