Ahead of Layoffs, Maariv Journalists Clash With Guards at Tel Aviv Protest

Protesters demonstrating in front of former publisher's offices to demand severance payments are barred from entering building, beaten by security guards.

Around 50 Maariv employees protested in front of former publisher Ofer Nimrodi’s company offices in Tel Aviv on Monday to demand their severance payments ahead of the layoffs expected after the paper's sale last week.

Violent clashes broke out between demonstrators and private security guards in front of the building. The police tried to remove the protesters, claiming it was an illegal demonstration.

Protesters gathered at 12:00 P.M. carrying signs with slogans such as: “Nimrodi, where is the money?” and “The pig has no shame.” Around 10 security guards were positioned in front of the building in anticipation of the protest, and an additional 10 police officers attempted to maintain order.

At one point the protesters tried to enter the building in order to speak with Nimrodi himself, but the line of private security guards hired by the company barred them from doing so, sparking violent clashes. “They just starting unabashedly hitting journalists,” one woman present at the protest said. “There were some journalists who were seriously beaten.”

At that point the police called for reinforcements and demanded the protesters evacuate the area. The protesters refused and continued to demonstrate.