After Striking Syria, Netanyahu Boasts About 'Renovating' Damascus Airport

'Not a bad output,' post says after Israel hit Syrian and Iranian targets. 12 Iranian soldiers were killed in the strikes

Bottom left: Netanyahu boasting he 'renovated' Damascus airport; right: An Iranian site bombed in Damascus

A day after Israel struck Iranian targets in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a post on his social media accounts boasting of a-24-hour "airport blitz," culminating with the "renovation" of Damascus Airport. 12 Iranian soldiers, members of the Revolutionary Guards, were killed in the strikes.

"Not a bad output," the post said. "In 24 hours Netanyahu managed to take off from one airport (Chad) land in another one (Ben Gurion), inaugurate a third (Ramon) and renovate a fourth (Damascus)."

Technically, Netanyahu is correct: After a visit to Chad in which Israel and the central African nation renewed diplomatic ties, the prime minister cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of Eilat's state-of-the-art Ramon Airport. Then, Israel launched an extensive strike on Iranian targets in Syria. 

Only hours before, the Israeli army's official Twitter account trolled Iran after Netanyahu confirmed Israeli air strikes “pounded” Iranian targets in Syria.

The IDF account tweeted a map of the Middle East with arrows over Iran pointing to the words, “Where Iran belongs,” and other arrows pointing to Syria with the words, “Where Iran is.” The image was tweeted with the caption, “Iran, you seem to be lost. Here:”