Following Jerusalem Attack, Israel Seeks Detention Without Trial of Suspected ISIS Supporters

Security cabinet also decides to demolish the home of the driver that drove a truck into a group of soldiers, killing four, senior official says.

Soldiers walk away from the scene of a truck-ramming attack that killed four and wounded 13, January 8, 2017.
Emil Salman

The security cabinet decided Sunday to use administrative detention orders, or detention without trial, against suspects who identify with the Islamic State group. The measure was at a meeting of the security cabinet following an attack in Jerusalem that claimed the lives of four soldiers, a senior official said.

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Security sources told the ministers at the meeting that the measures were already taken in response to the attack. The measures included a blockade of the Palestinian Jabal Mukkaber neighborhood, adjacent to the site of the attack, from which the attacker is said to have driven the truck.

The security cabinet also resolved to demolish the home of the driver of the truck as soon as possible and to reject requests by the attacker's family for family reunification with relatives who live in the territories. It was also decided that the body of the attacker would not be returned to his family.

Speaking from the site of the truck-ramming attack at the promenade in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "We know the identity of the attacker.  All signs point to the attacker being a supporter of the Islamic State." The driver of the truck is reportedly a resident of East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu also asked that reports be verified that there were Arabs at the site of the attack who expressed satisfaction over it and asking that legal proceedings be pursued against them.