African Migrant Breaks Into South Tel Aviv Home, Assaults Daughter and Mother

Man enters home, attacks mother with knife, moderately injuring her and is suspected of trying to sexually assault the girl; the father manages to stop the man, seriously injuring him.

A Sudanese man broke into a home in the south Tel Aviv neighborhood of Yad Eliyahu at 5 A.M on Wednesday morning and apparently tried to sexually assault an 8-year old girl.

According to an initial investigation, the man entered the home and headed straight to the child's bedroom, at which point the mother, 40, heard her daughter crying and rushed into the room. She tried to stop the man, who stabbed her in the stomach with a knife and left her with moderate wounds.

When the father heard, he rushed to the room and managed to overpower the assailant, injuring him seriously.

Magen David Adom rescue services arrived after the family called the police and evacuated the man to hospital in unconscious and in serious condition, with injuries to his head. The mother and daughter were also taken to hospital and the daughter is now being examined.