Steven Tyler Doesn't Miss a Thing: Aerosmith Frontman Runs Into David Friedman in Jerusalem

Tyler, who will perform in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, reportedly exchanged a few words with the new U.S. envoy to Israel during their chance meeting at the Western Wall

New U.S. envoy to Israel David Friedman talks with Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler during a chance meeting at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, May 15, 2017.

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's lead singer, had a chance encounter with none other than the new U.S. envoy to Israel, David Friedman, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday. 

The rocker, who will perform at Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park on Wednesday, arrived in Israel on Saturday. Friedman landed at Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday and made a beeline for Jerusalem's Old City, where, unbeknownst to him, he would soon run into Tyler. 

The two exchanged a few words before parting ways, the news website wrote.

Friedman, who is slated to visit the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on Tuesday, will spend a week in Israel racing against the clock to finalize the preparations for U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to Israel on May 22.

Last week, Friedman met with Trump to receive the president’s final instructions and his best wishes for his new job. Friedman’s own views differ utterly from Trump's on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but the new ambassador, whose loyalty to the president is unassailable, intends to leave his personal opinions back home in America.

David Friedman and Steven Tyler in Jerusalem.
Sebastian Scheiner/AP

His personal opinions on Steven Tyler and his musical achievements, however, remain unknown.