A Veteran Israeli anti-Zionist Activist Looks Back

Activist, author and Jerusalemite Michael Warschawski tells the Journeys Podcast about the path that led him to radical social movement 'Mazpen' and his work against the Israeli occupation.

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Michael Warschawski in his home in Jerusalem.Credit: Emil Salman

Michael Warschawski (a.k.a Mikado) is a veteran anti-Zionist activist. Born in France to an orthodox Rabbi who had fought as a partisan in WWII, the young Warschawski grew up hearing stories about the expulsion of Jews to camps, before the term Holocaust had even been coined.

After moving to Israel in his teens, he witnessed a procession of Arab refugees who had been expelled from their villages during the Six Day War. This was a turning point for Warschawski; he realized that his early conception of the Jews as a tortured people was no longer accurate. This path eventually led him to the radical - then infamous - socialist movement "Matzpen", which fought for nearly two decades against the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

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