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A Poetry Prize to Celebrate a Journey With Illness and Hope

Plus, a musical evening for charity featuring Kaveret founding member Danny Sanderson and a new golf therapy facility

Steven Klein
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Bar Sagi, 2014.
Bar Sagi, 2014.Credit: Yuri Lev Studio, Rishon Letzion
Steven Klein

JOURNEY WITH ILLNESS AND HOPE: The Voices Israel Group of Poets in English has launched the Bar Sagi Young Poets Prize, named for the talented poet who died at the age of 15. While battling cancer, “Bar wrote 25 poems which documented her journey with illness and hope and her remarkable life force,” Voices Israel announced. “These poems, together with a charming autobiography, are published in the beautifully illustrated book, “Bar Sagi, See Me Soar and Spread My Wings.” They trace her joy in life and ultimate acceptance of death, expressed with exceptional maturity and courage.“Reading her verses and listening to ‘Echoes of Bar – Journey’ on YouTube, the family hopes that all will rejoice in their good fortune and that one day an end to cancer will dawn,” her grandfather, Tony Joseph, told Haaretz. The submission deadline for the competition, which the Education Ministry has published on its website, is January 15. For more information, visit the Voice Israel website or email wendy.dickstein@gmail.com.

MUSICAL EVENING FOR CHARITY: Legendary musician Danny Sanderson will be the featured performer at the upcoming gala fundraiser of ESRA, the English Speaking Residents Association, in Herzliya on January 19. Sanderson, one of the founding members of the bank Kaveret who has had numerous smash hits, was born to American parents, Chaim and Rina Sanderson, and spent part of his childhood in New York City. “The proceeds go to various educational and welfare projects that ESRA runs, especially the flagship program Students Build a Community,” ESRA’s new fundraising chair Baruch Tanaman told Haaretz, referring to the project in which volunteer students live in disadvantaged neighborhoods where they mentor local children. “There’s always a full house and always an extremely enjoyable evening,” said Tanaman, who added that one of last year’s highlights was Rami Kleinstein singing with Ethiopian Israeli children. Tanaman, until recently ESRA’s chairman, just succeeded longtime fundraising chair Richard Stein. For tickets, visit esra.org.il.

THERAPY THROUGH GOLF: A new golf therapy facility was inaugurated at Beit Yitzhak Sports and Country Club last Friday. The project, reportedly the first of its kind in Israel, is the brainchild of Nora Goldfinger, an Argentine who founded several such facilities in South America, and her daughter Melisa Goldfinger, an attorney who immigrated to Israel. On a visit several months ago, Nora approached Mark Bloom, a qualified golfing teacher originally from Dublin, Ireland, about opening a golf therapy facility in Israel. Bloom agreed, but first had to find it home. After a considerable amount of effort, he secured one at Beit Yitzhak. “They do a lot of it to music,” Bloom told Haaretz of the therapy. “You feel the music and that’s how they are training with these kids.” He said he gave his first session Wednesday, but Melisa Goldfinger will also be involved as the program expands. “These kids retain everything,” he added. “It’s quite amazing.”

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