This 25-year-old Woman May Be the Best Street Photographer in Israel

Photographer Alex Farfuri, 25, reveals the beauty of a country in turmoil

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Alex Farfuri Photo Blog
Daniel Tchetchik
Alex Farfuri
Daniel Tchetchik
Alex Farfuri

A conversation with photographer Alex Farfuri

Alex FarfuriCredit: Daniel Tchetchik

Alex's eyes come alive when I ask her where she draws her inspiration from. "I feel I walk hand in hand with photographer Martin Parr, the spirit of the work envelopes me, and the inner instinct comes to life."

There is something very unique about this work. Not everything is precise, there are technical errors, but it's hard to escape the human aspect reflected in the photos – the unassuming gaze, wise, at times comical, but not mocking. A young woman of 25 reveals herself as one of the most fascinating street photographers I've seen of late in Israel.

The respect for mankind, for her surroundings and for being a woman makes people open up to Alex when she asks them to pose for a photo. As in the case of Amnon, a gargantuan man she shot in Tel Aviv's Frishman beach. Alex says that when she approached him and asked to take his picture, an interesting dialogue between them revealed they were both from Ramat Gan, and had a lot in common. He writes poetry and loves photography, and asked for a real photo: "Come shoot the real stuff!" he said, and looked dead into the camera.

Only recently has Alex begun shooting in film, an impulsive decision she made at a photography store. It was the first film she ever made. She enjoys the lack of instant gratification in analogue photography, and will never part with the excitement of not knowing what will come out.

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Amnon in Tel Aviv's Frishman beach.