Capturing Journalism in the Moment: Day and Night at Haaretz

A special edition of Haaretz's Photo Blog celebrating the newspaper's 100th anniversary

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7:00 P.M.  Looking out from Schocken 21
7:00 P.M. Looking out from Schocken 21.
Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik

The newspaper lands on your doorstep, like a declaration that a new day has arrived. It hits the ground with an assertive strike as it lands.

I remove the rubber band, read the front page, leaf through the paper towards the Gallery section. I glance at the articles and photos by colleagues, translated articles, sports, culture, and back to the news. As unconsciously as brushing my teeth and washing my face, the paper has landed on my doorstep for almost 30 years, and for almost 20 years I've been part of its editorial staff. Much has changed in that time – in effect the entire country has changed its shape – and the newspaper has changed formats as well. An analog world has expanded and become digital.

6:31 A.M. The night guard at the end of his shift.
9:17 A.M. The Haaretz news desk.
10:13 A.M. A worker searches for a historical detail in the archive.
12:35 P.M. Welfare and internal affairs reporter Lee Yaron and photographer Ilan Assayag in Bnei Ayish.
Local Testimony.
Ilan, the photographer, makes sure that everyone is in the right place.
Watching from the sidelines.
2:25 P.M. The digital archive, photos of Ayelet Shaked and Hebrew Book Week.
2:40 P.M. TheMarker news desk in action.
3:00 P.M. Light tables. In the past, they were used to sort through photographs, but today they're used to grow houseplants in windowless departments.
3:15 P.M. Yaffa, works at Haaretz for more than 20 years.
3:35 P.M. The stairwell in the Schocken building.
5:05 P.M. Keeping Haaretz clean.
6:35 P.M. A cigarette break in the Haaretz parking lot.
7:00 P.M. Looking out from Schocken 21.
7:35 P.M. Haaretz English Edition news desk.
10:23 P.M. TheMarker, shortly before closing.
12:10 A.M. Receiving the materials at the printing office.
1:20 A.M. Preparing to print.
1:35 A.M. Color balancing.
2:40 A.M. Rest for the weary.
3:55 A.M. Almost ready.
4:15 A.M. Distribution begins.
6 A.M. The paper arrives.