Do You Recognize These People? A Trove of Old Photos Were Found in Tel Aviv and We Need Your Help

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The children from the flea market.
The children from the flea market. Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Ofer Aderet
Ofer Aderet
Ofer Aderet
Ofer Aderet

Recently a collection of 64 glass negatives were put up for sale in the Jaffa Flea Market. How they got there, when and why - is still unknown.

A quick glance is enough to realize that they are portraits of young students from pre-state Israel, most of them from Tel Aviv, born in the 1920s.

Photographer Danny Goshen bought the entire collection and now hopes to locate the subjects' relatives, to give them the pictures as a gift. In a conversation with Haaretz Goshen said there are no identifying details with the treasure he has acquired. 

“These are only paper bags filled with glass negatives. Nothing more,” he said. On some of the pictures the names of the subjects appear. Not all of them are legible. After publication of the first version of this article, some of those photographed have been identified by their families via Google and Facebook.

Not all the students were in the same class, and not all of them went to the same school. Most are no longer alive. Some, like Avni Shlomo, who was nicknamed “Gingy,” later fought in the 1948 War of Independence with the Palmach. 

Among the subjects who have been identified are Shmuel Prodovsky, born in 1927. He went to the Geula elementary school in Tel Aviv and the Amal Max Fine High School; Asher Efrati, born in 1925, went to Ledugma school, and died in 1992; Rafael Gilvitz is 92 and lives on Kibbutz Yiron; Ida Gersht, born in 1949, was happy to discover her picture; Tzipora Naor (Stepansky), born in 1926, was also enthusiastic to receive a souvenir from the past. Anyone who recognizes themselves in the pictures is invited to write to Goshen on his Facebook page, or respond to his post. 

Ida Gersht.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction), Facebook
Eran Shorer. Journalist and writer.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Asher Efrati (1925-1992).Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction), Courtesy of the family
Tzipora Stepansky (Naor).Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction), Courtesy of the family
Shlomo Avni.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction), Palmach Website
Shmuel Prodowsky.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction), YouTube
Rachel Asher, Leah Zirkel, Rachel King.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Yona Giat, Yehudit Waldman, Haim Kurtz.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Hemda Malul, Tzipora Stepansky.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Dvora Preuss, David Dubinsky.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Kornfeld, Leah Aharonovitch.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Yosef Mishnaevski, Yehuda Vilonsky, Abigail Tzabari.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Rivka Ben Avraham, Malka Glinitz.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Nira Holtzman, Pnina Shmaria.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Yoela Levit, Zechariah Saltz.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Dina Levitin, Yakov Sverdlov.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Haim Kaufman, Chava Grossman.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Tzipora Davidovich, Efraim Zemberg.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Ruth Uziel, Shmuel Prodowsky.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Miriam Recht, Shlomo Avni.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Zalman Nagari, Esther Coriat.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Rafael Gilevich, Rivka Zeitani.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Efraim Frost, Ida Gersht.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Shachar Moshe, Shoshana Orenstein.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Rafael Goldstein, Ruth Cotani.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Nechama Shmurak, Yosef Klarman.Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Aviva Leisch, Asher EfratiCredit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)
Credit: Danny Goshen (Reproduction)