Amona Live Updates: After Years of Delay, Israel Evacuates Illegal West Bank Outpost

Last of the protesters evicted from the illegal outpost's synagogue ■ Forty-one officers wounded during evacuation ■ Netanyahu promises new settlement for Amona evacuees ■ Bennett vows annexation of West Bank.

Israeli settlers react as Israeli police mobilise on the second day of an operation to evict the hardline occupants and their supporters from the West Bank settler outpost of Amona on February 2, 2017 after the High Court determined the homes were built on private Palestinian land.

Security forces on Thursday completed evacuating residents from the illegal outpost of Amona in the West Bank. Hundreds of youths streamed into the outpost to fight the court-ordered evacuation. The outpost's synagogue was the last structure to be evacuated.

Amona, built on private Palestinian land, was ordered evacuated by the High Court of Justice in 2014, but dates for its evacuation have been pushed back repeatedly until a final date was set to February 8.

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