Second Murder-suicide Suspected After Mother and Son Found Dead

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The body of a woman outside a building on Golani Brigade Street in Acre, January 4, 2017.
The body of a woman outside a building on Golani Brigade Street in Acre, January 4, 2017.Credit: Gil Eliahu

A mother and her son were found dead in Acre in northern Israel Wednesday morning. The boy's body bore signs of violence, sparking suspicions that the incident was a murder-suicide. Police forces have arrived at the scene and are investigating.

Paramedics received a call at 6:30 A.M. alerting them that a woman had either jumped or fallen six stories from an apartment on Acre's Golani Brigade Street. Upon arriving at the scene, they found the woman on the street and declared her dead. They came upon the severely injured body of her five-year-old son after searching her apartment. He too was pronounced dead by paramedics.

The circumstances surrounding their deaths are still unknown, but the family was well known to the local welfare services.

According to paramedics, the woman's son was seen on the banister of the apartment's balcony. When paramedics reached the apartment, they were let in by a man who he said had just woken up and soon after discovered the dead child, who had stab wounds on his body.

The woman, who was 35 years old, had lived in the building for years and does not have any other children. Her neighbors said that she seemed to be emotionally unstable and appeared especially shaken in recent days.

The incident comes four days after a woman and her four daughters were found dead after a fire in their Jerusalem apartment. The woman was found next to a noose, and an autopsy on two of the children revealed that they had been strangled.

The mother in the Jerusalem case was treated by psychiatric services in Jerusalem recently. She turned to one center a few weeks ago due to depression. She was not determined as posing a risk to herself or others around her, or as having early signs of suicidal tendencies.

There were concerns of copycat incidents following extensive media coverage of the tragedy.