Hundreds March in Tel Aviv in Solidarity With Gaza Following Deadly Protests

Around 250 people in Tel Aviv-Jaffa gathered to 'Stop the next war' in protest against this weekend's violence at the Israel-Gaza border where 15 Palestinians were killed

Protesters and counter-protesters at a rally against the Israeli army's use of force in the Gaza strip this past weekend, April 1, 2018.
Mati Milrod

Around 250 people protested in Tel Aviv on Sunday in solidarity with Gaza following a bloody weekend in which 15 Palestinians were killed. The protest was titled “Create hope, stop the next war" and protesters chanted “no to the occupation” and “In Gaza and Sderot, little girls want to stay alive.” 

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Michael Sfard, renowned human rights lawyer, spoke to Haaretz at the protest and said: ״Gaza is under siege and has been under occupation for the past decade. The people of Gaza are suffering from an enormous humanitarian crisis and now, when they tried to protest against it, they were met with brutal force which killed 16 of them and injured and maimed many others. As an Israeli, my duty is to protest against the evils that are done in my name.”

A small counter protest took place on the other side of the road. In Jaffa, Arab citizens of Israel protested in solidarity with Gaza at the same time. 

On Friday, around 30,000 Palestinians marched near the Israeli border as part of the “March of Return,” a series of mass protests along the Israeli border. 

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The Palestinian Health Ministry said on Sunday morning that from Friday through Saturday night, 15 people were killed and 1,479 others were treated in hospitals for various injuries. According to the statement, 805 people were wounded by gunfire, 425 suffered tear gas inhalation, 154 were hit by rubber bullets and 95 sustained various other injuries.

The protest in Tel Aviv was organized by the organizations Standing Together, Other Voice, Combatants for Peace, Peace Now, Parents Circle – Families Forum, Meretz Party, Hadash – Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, Breaking the Silence, Zazim, Coalition of Women for Peace, Gush Shalom, and Machsom Watch.