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Gaza Flare-up: 198 Gazans Killed in Conflict as IDF Pummels Hamas Targets Overnight

Biden tells Netanyahu he supports cease-fire ■ Heavy rocket barrage rocks southern Israel ■ Israel kills Islamic Jihad commander ■ At least 198 Gazans killed in Israeli strikes, as media tower downed ■ 10 dead in Israel; 3,000 rockets fired at it since flare-up began

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IDF soldiers on the Gaza border, today.
IDF soldiers on the Gaza border, today.Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg

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Fighting between Israel and Hamas escalated in what has become the heaviest flare-up since the 2014 Gaza War. At least 198 people were killed in the Gaza Strip, and 10 in Israel in the most intensive aerial exchanges in years.

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On Saturday, an Israeli man was killed after a barrage of rocket fire targeted Tel Aviv and central Israel, shattering two days of calm in the region. Buildings and infrastructure have been damaged in several cities in central Israel and the IDF downed a media tower housing offices of Al Jazeera, The Associated Press, and other media outlets.

Israel carried out hundreds of air and several ground strikes in Gaza, but IDF troops did not enter Gaza as part of a ground invasion. Gazan militants have fired some 3,000 rockets at central and southern Israel since Monday.


8:41 A.M. Gantz extends state of emergency in Lod for 48 hours

Fire and smoke rise above buildings in Gaza City after IDF strike, May 2021.Credit: Anas BABA / AFP

Defense Minister Benny Gantz extends the state of emergency in the city of Lod for another 48 hours in light of recent riots. (Yaniv Kubovich)

7:30 A.M. 90 rockets launched from Gaza in past 12 hours

Ninety rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel in the past 12 hours, the IDF says. Twenty of those failed to make it across the border. (Haaretz)

7:03 A.M. IDF continues attacks in Gaza, says at least 150 Hamas, Islamic Jihad commanders killed so far

The Israeli army says it continued attacking Hamas posts overnight, including private homes of Hamas commanders and five headquarters. It also carried out 65 strikes on Hamas tunnels throughout the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the IDF spokesperson said at least 150 Hamas and Islamic Jihad commanders have been killed since the conflict erupted last week.

Israeli artillery fire toward Gaza, last week.Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg

IDF says the attacks against Hamas targets will continue in the coming 12 hours. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:05 A.M. Rocket sirens sounded in Gaza border communities

Sirens sounded in Nachal Oz and Ein HaShlosha around the Gaza border. (Haaretz)

5:31 A.M. Rocket sirens blare in southern Israel

Following a quiet night rocket sirens sounded in several Gaza border communities. (Haaretz)

4:00 A.M. House Democrats to ask Biden to halt U.S. arms sale to Israel pending review

Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee will request the Biden administration to delay a $735 million sale of precision-guided missiles to Israel pending review, sources confirmed to Haaretz.

Democrats held an emergency meeting on the proposed sale, Haaretz learned, after the Washington Post reported the sale of weapons including Joint Direct Attack Munitions ("JDAM") kits that transform bombs into precision-guided missiles and Guided Bomb Unit-39s (GBU-39), a weapon developed for penetrating fortified facilities located deep underground. The U.S. Defense Department previously sold Israel 14,500 JDAMs in a $1.8 billion arms sale in 2015.

The State Department, required by law to provide a 15-day advance notification of any arms sale, originally provided official notice of the proposed sale on May 5 ahead of the recent round of violence. (Ben Samuels)

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1:13 A.M. UNIFIL says the situation in the Lebanon-Israel border is now calm

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon says coordinating with Lebanese armed forces in enhancing security control in southern Lebanon, has intensified patrols to prevent further incidents that endanger safety of local population. (Reuters)

12:30 A.M. Biden tells Netanyahu he supports cease-fire

A car caught on fire following rocket shrapnel hit in Ashkelon, today.Credit: Ilan Assayag

The U.S. President Joe Biden spoke overnight Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The President reiterated his firm support for Israel’s right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks, a White House statement said.

Biden welcomed efforts to address intercommunal violence and to bring calm to Jerusalem. He encouraged Israel to make every effort to ensure the protection of innocent civilians. The two leaders discussed progress in Israel’s military operations against Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza, the statement added.

Moreover, Biden expressed his support for a ceasefire and discussed U.S. engagement with Egypt and other partners towards that end. The two leaders agreed that they and their teams would remain in close touch. (Ben Samuels)


11:44 P.M. Six rockets launched toward Israel from Lebanon, Israeli army says

Israeli anti-rocket system intecepts rockets fired from Gaza, today. Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg

The Israeli army has identified Monday six rocket launches toward northern Israel, the army said in a statement.

Army artillery forces responded with fire. (Yaniv Kubovich)

11:20 P.M. Sirens sound at Lebanon border

The Israeli army said that a siren had sounded in northern Israel, near the border with Lebanon, and that they were investigating.

Residents of Misgav, near the border, were instructed to stay in their homes. Residents also reported hearing explosions. Echoes of the explosions could be heard in nearby towns including Metula.

The head of the Upper Galilee Regional Council said, "A siren was heard in Misgav and we heard an explosion. We are speaking with the army about opening additional shelters in the area. For now, there are no changes to the guidelines." (Noa Shpigel)

11:15 P.M. Rocket barrage targets Ashkelon and surrounding area

11:00 P.M. Sirens sound in Sderot, Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council

10:25 P.M. Jordan's king says 'provocative' Israeli actions led to escalation

Jordan's king, in a call with the United Nations' secretary-general, said the "recurrent provocative Israeli actions against Palestinians have led to the ongoing escalation, pushing the region towards more tension," the royal court wrote on Twitter on Monday.

An Israeli firefighter extinguishes a fire caused by rockets launched from the Gaza Strip and landed in a field on the Israel-Gaza border, today.Credit: JACK GUEZ - AFP

King Abdullah said the "international community must shoulder its responsibility, move actively to stop Israeli violations in Jerusalem, aggression on Gaza," adding that, "he has always warned against altering the historical and legal status quo in Jerusalem," according to the royal court. (Reuters)

10:07 P.M. Rockets that landed in Sderot hit playpark, factory

The two rockets that landed in Sderot in the previous barrage had hit a factory in the city's industrial zone and a playpark. There are no casaulties. (Almog Ben Zikri)

10:05 P.M. Sirens sound in Sderot, Gaza border communities

9:50 P.M. Two rockets land in Sderot

The Sderot Municipality said that two rockets exploded within the city, and it is not yet known whether there are casaulties. Earlier reports said four rockets had hit the city.

Residents have been instructed to remain in their shelters and not to approach the impact sites. (Almog Ben Zikri)

9:47 P.M. Netanyahu: We will continue to strike terror targets

In a statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has finished his situational assessment at IDF headquarters, and that he approved military plans along with the defense minister, the chief of staff, and the heads of the National Security Council, the Shin Bet and the Mossad.

"The instructions are to continue to strike terror targets," a statement from the prime minister said. "The IDF does that well; today it assassinated another senior commander of the Islamic Jihad, we hit Hamas' naval unit and we continue to strike underground, with Hamas' 'subway' and other targets. We will continue to do everything needed in order to restore calm and security for all of Israel's citizens." (Jonathan Lis)

9:40 P.M. Sirens sound in Sderot and Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council (Almog Ben Zikri)

9:38 P.M. One dead following Israeli army shooting in the West Bank, Palestinians say

The Palestinian Health Ministry said Monday that the Israeli army has shot and killed one person in the al-Arroub refugee camp in the West Bank. (Jack Khoury)

9:21 P.M. Israeli foreign minister thanks Blinken for his 'full support'

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi wrote on Twitter that he finished speaking with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. "I thanked him for the way he condemned Hamas' terror activities and his full backing of Israel's right to defend itself, mainly for the American support today at the United Nations Security Council," he wrote.

"I emphasized to him that Israel will continue to act against the Hamas terror organization until calm returns to the communities in Israel's south and center," he wrote.

"The entire international community must condemn Hamas, which uses its citizens as a human shield and operates under the cover of the population of the Gaza Strip." (Jonathan Lis)

9:11 P.M. Sirens sound in Gaza border communities

Barrage fired from Gaza at Netivot and Sdot Negev Council.

9:01 P.M. France's Macron says to work with Jordan, Egypt leaders on Israel-Gaza ceasefire, talks

France's president said on Monday he would in the coming days work with Egypt's president and Jordan's king on a concrete proposal for a ceasefire and a possible path to discussions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Speaking at a news conference, Emmanuel Macron also said he would bring up the bombing by Israeli warplanes of a building that housed media outlets in Gaza when he next speaks to Israel's prime minister. (Reuters)

8:43 P.M. Biden says he will speak with Netanyahu

U.S. President Joe Biden said he would speak with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later on Monday afternoon regarding the conflict with Palestinians in Gaza.

Biden made the comment in response to questions from reporters. (Reuters)

8:22 P.M. Soldier injured by mortar shell

A 23-year-old Israeli soldier was lightly to moderately injured by an exploded mortar shell near the Gaza border, Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon said. He is currently hospitalized in stable condition. (Almog Ben Zikri)

8:19 P.M. IDF shoots warning shots at Lebanon border

The Israeli military shot warning shots toward protesters who approached the Lebanese side of the Israeli border, near Kibbutz Manara, in order to make them maintain their distance. (Noa Shpigel)

8:05 P.M. IDF strikes homes of Hamas commanders

The IDF announced that the air force struck five homes belonging to senior Hamas commanders that were being used as "terror infrastructure."

According to the military, among the homes targeted was one belonging to Izz al-Din Hadad, a senior figure at Hamas military headquarters and the head of the Strip's combat aid in the past round of hostilities. As was the home of Amjad Abu Naj'ah, the commander of the elite Nuhbeh tunnel warfare unit, who directed militants over the course of various rounds of fighting from his home. Also targeted was the home of Ibrahim Muhammad Mustafa Kuara, commander of the Southern Khan Yunis Brigade, who also shot at IDF soldiers in 2008 and was responsible for rocket fire at Israel.

The military also struck the home of Ahmed Smali, the head of the Nuhbeh Brigade in Shujaiyeh, who had military communications and weapons storage infrastructure in his home. According to the military, they hit the home of Nassim Abu Ajouna, the commander of the Beit Lahia Brigade, who also had military infrastructure in his house. (Yaniv Kubovich)

7:48 P.M. U.S. blocks UNSC statement on Gaza

The United States obstructed the publication of a UN Security Council statement on the ongoing fighting between Israel and Gaza on Monday. This marks the third time in the past week that the United States vetoed a United Nations statement that Israel found unfavorable.

A draft of the statement obtained by Haaretz does not mention the rocket barrages fired at Israel’s civilian population by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations. The statement calls on the parties to reach a cease fire and expresses concern over a possible eviction of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, prevented the 15-member Security Council from issuing two other statements last week that were unfavorable to Israel. (Jonathan Lis)

7:44 P.M. Magen David Adom 311 injured since fighting began

Since the beginning of the latest round of hostilities, Magen David Adom rescue service staff and paramedics have treated 311 injured Israelis. Eight of them were killed by direct hits from rockets, shockwaves and shrapnel; two were critically injured on their way to bomb shelters and succumbed to their wounds.

One hundred and six people were injured by shrapnel, shockwaves and broken glass; six of them seriously, 11 moderately and 89 lightly. Another 195 people were injured on their way to shelters, 1 seroiusly, five moderately 189 lightly. Another 221 people were treated by MDA medics for anxiety, and some of them needed further treatment.

Magen David Adom treated another 193 people who were injured during the Jewish-Arab riots throughout the country, including Yigal Yehoshua, 56, who was critically injured and succumbed to his wounds on Monday. Another 10 people were seriously injured, 29 moderately and 153 lightly.

On Monday, the rescue service treated 12 people. (Josh Breiner)

7:22 P.M. Sirens sound in Sderot, Eshkol and Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Councils (Almog Ben Zikri)

7:18 P.M. Netanyahu in security consultations

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently holding security consultations at military headquarters in Tel Aviv with the defense minister, the chief of staff, the head of the National Security Council, the head of the Shin Bet, the head of the Mossad and security leaders (Jonathan Lis)

7:18 P.M. IDF: 190 rockets fired into Israel Monday

From 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday, 190 rockets fired from Gaza reached Israeli territory. About 25 more fell within the Gaza Strip. The military said it itercepted dozens of the rockets. (Yaniv Kubovich)

7:10 P.M. Sirens sound in Gaza border communities

6:59 P.M. Sirens sound in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Hof Ashkelon Regional Council (Almog Ben Zikri)

6:58 P.M. IDF strikes Hamas operations base

IDF fighter jets struck the main operations base of Hamas' internal security in the northern Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said. The operations base "is a central terror infrastructure of Hamas, from which the organization's military intelligence operates," the IDF statement said. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:59 P.M. U.S. security adviser talks with Israeli, Egyptian counterparts

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke with his Israeli counterpart and the Egyptian government amid the ongoing Israeli-Palestianian crisis, he said in a post on Twitter on Monday as U.S. officials said they were working to quell the violence.

"The United States is engaged in quiet, intensive diplomacy and our efforts will continue," Sullivan wrote. (Reuters)

6:52 P.M. Rocket barrage fired from Gaza at Ashkelon and the south

6:48 P.M. Sirens sound in Gaza border communities

6:25 P.M. Sirens sound in Gaza border communities

6:18 P.M. Hamas threatens to strike Tel Aviv

Hamas military spokesman Abu Ubaidah threatened that Israel is "increasing its offensive on homes and residential buildings in past hours, and therefore we warn Israel that if it does not stop immediately, we will go back to attacking Tel Aviv." (Jack Khoury)

5:58 P.M. IDF strikes militants, rocket launch sites

The Israeli military said that its aircraft have struck five militants who were preparing to shoot rockets into Israeli territory. It added that the IDF also attacked an additional tunnel shaft belonging to Hamas in northern Gaza, as well as six underground rocket launch sites and 10 above-ground launch sites throughout the Strip. (Yaniv Kubovich)

5:47 P.M. Sirens sound in Be'er Sheva, Gaza border communities

Red alert sirens sounded in Be'er Sheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gan Yavne and the Gaza border communities. (Almog Ben Zikri)

5:31 P.M. Sirens sound in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council (Almog Ben Zikri)

5:20 P.M. Sirens sound in Ashkelon (Almog Ben Zikri)

5:00 P.M. Sirens sound in Ashdod and Gan Yavne

Red alert sirens have activated in Ashdod, Gan Yavne, Nitzan, Nitzanim, Sde Uziyahu, Shtulim and Beit Ezra. One rocket was intercepted, no casualties reported. (Almog Ben Zikri)

4:40 P.M. Israel searches for suspects as footprints found near Jordan border fence

The tracks of three people who are suspected to have crossed the border from Jordan into Israel were found near the northern communities of Yardena and Beit Yosef, the Emek HaMaayanot Regional Council said Monday. The statement added that a breach in the fence was also found in the Kfar Rupin area.

Israeli military squads have been called up to search the areas, the gates of the communities have been closed and residents have been instructed to remain in their homes.

On Sunday, two Jordanian citizens were arrested in Gilboa on suspicion of crossing the border into Israel. Police found them walking on the side of Route 6666, which connects the Kibbutzim of Ma'ale Gilboa and Beit Alfa in northeast Israel. Police suspect that they were attempting to reach Jerusalem, and two knives were found on their person. (Noa Shpigel)

4:38 P.M. Blinken: I've seen no proof Hamas was in AP building in Gaza destroyed by Israel

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday he hasn't yet seen any evidence supporting Israel's claim that Hamas operated in a Gaza building housing The Associated Press and other media outlets that was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. Blinken said he has pressed Israel for justification.

Blinken spoke at a news conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, a day after The Associated Press’ top editor called for an independent investigation into the Israeli airstrikeover the weekend that targeted and destroyed a Gaza City building housing the AP, broadcaster Al-Jazeera and other media, saying the public deserves to know the facts. (Associated Press)

>> Click here to read the full report

4:38 P.M. Netanyahu thanks German, Dutch leaders for support of Israel's right to self-defense

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who reiterated her unwavering support of Israel's right to defend itself. Netanyahu also thanked Merkel for her government's work in fighting antisemitic elements in Germany. He stressed that Hamas is committing compounding war crimes in shooting its rockets at the civilian population and using Gaza's civilians as human shields.

On Sunday, Netanyahu spoke to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and thanked him for his support of Israel and its right to defend itself in light of the rocket fire by terror groups on Israeli territory. Netanyahu noted that Israel will continue to strike Hamas and Islamic Jihad in order to restore calm and security to Israel's citizens, while doing the utmost to avoid harming noncombatants. (Jonathan Lis)

4:00 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council (Almog Ben Zikri)

3:53 P.M. IDF: Suspects tried to cross over from Lebanon into Israel

A number of suspects tried to breach the Lebanon border into Israeli territory overnight, the IDF said. According to the military's announcement, Israeli soldiers kept the suspects away, who appeared not to be armed. On Monday morning, a tear was found in the border fence. (Noa Shpigel)

3:49 P.M. Abbas meets with U.S. Mideast envoy in Ramallah

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with U.S. Envoy to the Middle East Hady Amr in his Ramallah headquarters. (Jack Khoury)

3:46 P.M. IDF says it destroyed tunnel shaft under Hamas militant's home

The IDF announced that its fighter jets struck a tunnel shaft beneath the home of a Hamas militant in the northern Gaza Strip. (Yaniv Kubovich)

3:31 P.M. IDF: We destroyed 100 kilometers fo Hamas tunnels

The Israel Defense Forces estimates that it destroyed about 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) of Hamas tunnels since the current military operation began, the military's international spokesperson, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, told the foreign press.

Conricus added that the military's intelligence shows that Hamas' militants are very afraid to go underground. They are still doing so, he said, but it is affecting Hamas' effectiveness and control. It does not, though, affect their missile and rocket launching capabilities. (Yaniv Kubovich)

2:41 P.M. U.S. Secretary of State backs Israel, yet urges both sides to stop conflict

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken backed Israel’s right to defend itself, and called on both sides to stop the most intense fighting between Israel and Hamas since 2014.

Speaking at a closed-door press conference in Denmark, Blinken addressed the conflict, saying the U.S. still remains ‘greatly concerned’ by the escalating violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Blinken called on Hamas and other Gaza militant groups to end immediately end the rocket attacks, but emphasized that Israel has extra responsibility to do everything it can to prevent civilian casualties.

Blinken also lamented how medical workers and journalists have been put at risk in the latest round of conflict between Israel and Gaza. (Reuters)

2:25 P.M. Gaza Health Ministry: 200 dead

The Gazan Health Ministry reported that 200 people have been killed in the Strip since the current round of hostilities began, 59 of whom were children. Thus far, 1,305 Gazans have been wounded.

2:03 P.M. IDF hits cell which planned to strike Israeli Navy

A Hamas cell which was planning an attack on the Israeli navy has been destroyed, the IDF confirmed.

The IDF also said there were Hamas fatalities in the attack. The attack was carried out with under water weaponry. (Yaniv Kubovich)

1:43 P.M. Eight Israelis lightly wounded after barrage of rockets fired from Gaza

Eight Israelis have been injured from rocket shrapnel after a heavy barrage of rockets were fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon and other cities in Israel's south, Magen David Adom has confirmed.

There are suspicions of a person trapped in rubble after a building collapsed in Ashdod from a direct hit.

Magen David Adom does not have permission to enter the site since it is unstable. (Ido Efrati)

1:35 P.M. Erdogan calls on pope to keep denouncing Gaza violence

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Pope Francis in a phone call that the international community should impose sanctions on Israel for its actions against the Palestinians, and he urged the pontiff to keep speaking out on the conflict, Erdogan's office said on Monday.

Turkey has condemned the violence and accused Israel of carrying out "ethnic, religious and cultural cleansing." Pope Francis on Sunday said mounting casualties from the conflict were unacceptable.

The Turkish presidency said Erdogan told Pope Francis that Israel was threatening regional security and that the international community should "teach Israel the deterrent lesson it deserves."

"Erdogan...underlined that Palestinians would continue to be subjected to massacre as long as the international community did not punish Israel - which is committing humanitarian crimes - with sanctions," it said in a statement.

He also "emphasized that the continued messages from Pope Francis carried great importance in mobilizing the Christian world and international community," it said. (Reuters)

1:29 P.M. Heavy barrage of rockets fired at Be'er Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod

Red alert sirens sound across dozens of cities in Israel's south.

Iron Dome interceptions were also heard in central Israel. (Haaretz)

1:03 P.M. IDF confirms hit on Islamic Jihad commander

The IDF has confirmed the report that it assassinated top Islamic Jihad commander Husam Abu-Harbid.

Abu-Harbid was a commander in the organization for over 15 years, and was responsible for several anti-tank attacks against Israel, including one last Sunday where an Israeli was lightly injured. (Yaniv Kubovich)

1:00 P.M. Sirens sound in Be'er Sheva

12:45 P.M. IDF struck over 1,180 terror targets since start of Operation 'Guardian of the Walls'

Since the start of fighting last Monday, as part of the operation codenamed 'Guardian of the Walls', the IDF has hit over 1,180 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

Over 3,150 rockets were launched from the strip into Israel, and around 460 failed to cross into Israel, falling within the Gaza strip.

The Iron Dome successfully intercepted 90 percent of rockets, an IDF investigation revealed. (Almog Ben Zikri)

12:41 P.M. 198 killed in week's conflict, Gaza Health Ministry says

According to the Health Ministry, 198 Gazans lost their lives in the latest round of conflict with Israel.

Of the 198, 58 are children and 35 are women. 1,300 people were injured in the fighting. (Haaretz)

12:22 P.M. IDF assassinates top Islamic Jihad commander

Israel has assassinated the Islamic Jihad's northern sector commander, sources in Gaza tell Haaretz. (Jack Khoury)

12:01 P.M. Rocket directly hits chicken coop in southern Israel

The Fire and Rescue Service is battling a blaze in the Eshkol regional council after a rocket fired from Gaza directly hit a chicken coop. (Anshel Pfeffer)

11:59 A.M. Heavy rocket fire targets Ashkelon, Gaza border towns

A barrage of rockets has been fired at Ashkelon and other towns in southern Israel (Haaretz)

11:58 A.M. More red alert sirens sound in Israeli towns on the Gaza border

11:23 A.M. Residents of Eshkol regional council in southern Israel told to stay in shelters

The IDF has told residents in the Eshkol regional council near the Gaza border to stay in their bomb shelters until further notice. (Haaretz)

11:05 A.M. Sirens sound in Israeli communities on Gaza border

9:50 A.M. Attempted car ramming attack near Nablus

An attempted car ramming attack took place in Huwara, near Nablus in the West Bank, the IDF has confirmed.

IDF says there were no injuries, and the driver was neutralized. The military is investigating the incident. (Haaretz)

9:47 A.M. Reports of IDF artillery attacks in Gaza

IDF has allegedly fired shots using artillery at Jabalia, a city in the northern area of the Gaza Strip, as well as in Rafah, which is in the south, Gazan sources told Haaretz.

A mattress factory went up in flames after being shelled, the report said.

Mayor of Gaza City, said that "Israel is intentionally attacking infrastructure and civilian buildings as a collective punishment for everyone in the city, including roads and electricity infrastructure."

He added that 40,000 citizens were left homeless, and some were transferred to UNRWA housing.

The spokesperson for the electricity supplier company in Gaza said that their network sustained heavy attacks, and electricity supply is very limited. (Jack Khoury)

6:22 A.M. IDF attacks Hamas underground tunnel

Israeli fighter jets struck a Hamas transport tunnel within the Gaza Strip, claiming it was located next to a kindergarten and a mosque.

In addition to the strike on the tunnel, the IDF hit 35 terror targets in Gaza. (Haaretz)

5:34 A.M. IDF attacks homes of Hamas commanders

Israeli fighter jets attacked the homes of nine Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip, the IDF said. (Haaretz)

5:02 A.M. IDF carrries out extensive attacks in Gaza

Israeli fighter jets carried out extensive attacks on 'terror targets' throghout the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesman said. Palestinian media said the attacks were larger in scale compared to recent days. (Haaretz)

3:48 A.M. Rocket sirens sound in Gaza border communities

3:01 A.M. Egypt working on bringing about cease-fire

President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi calls for an end to violence between Hamas and Israel, saying Egypt is working on bringing about a cease-fire. (Haaretz)

1:50 A.M. IDF carries out 'widespread' attacks across Gaza

Israeli fighter jets are carrying out widespread attacks against 'terror' targets across Gaza, army says. (Haaretz)

1:20 A.M. IDF attacks Hamas military compound in Gaza

The Israeli army says it attacked a military intelligence compound belonging to Hamas in Gaza. (Haaretz)

0:48 P.M. Biden 'working toward sustained calm' in Israel-Hamas conflict

U.S. President Joe Biden said his administration is working with Palestinians and Israelis to work towards a sustained calm, adding that both deserve to live in safety and security.

"We also believe Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live in safety and security and enjoy equal measure of freedom, prosperity and democracy," he said in a pretaped video aired at an event marking the Muslim Eid holiday on Sunday. (Reuters)

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11:58 P.M. Gaza rockets fired at southern Israel

Rocket sirens sound in the cities of Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon as well as smaller Gaza border communities and Bedouin towns in the Negev desert. This comes after two hours of quiet. (Haaretz)

11:01 P.M. Saudi foreign minister, Blinken discuss Mideast fighting

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud held a phone call with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to discuss the latest developments "in Palestine and in the region', Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Sunday.

They reviewed "the strategic relations between the kingdom and the U.S. and ways to boost them in all fields, in addition to the most prominent developments, foremost of which are developments in Palestine, and in the region," SPA said. (Reuters)

8:29 P.M. U.S. Official Hady Amr meets with Gantz, Ashkenazi

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israel and Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr met on Sunday with the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and other Israeli officials as fighting between Israel and Hamas continues. (Jonathan Lis)

7:37 P.M. Netanyahu says attack on Gaza media tower was 'perfectly legitimate'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the attack on the high-rise building in Gaza, which hosted several news organizations, was "perfectly legitimate," as news agencies demand explanations for the attack.

The high-rise building in Gaza hit by an Israeli airstrike this weekend housed a Palestinian militant group's intelligence office as well as offices for the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

While Prime Minister Netanyahu called the high-rise a "legitimate" target, news organizations demanded an explanation Saturday for the airstrike. (Reuters, The Associated Press)

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7:09 P.M. Jordan's king says diplomatic contacts under way to halt Israel's military campaign

Jordan's King Abdullah said on Sunday his kingdom was involved in intensive diplomacy to halt what he described as Israeli military escalation that has led to the worst flare-up of violence in years.

The monarch, whose ruling family has custodianship of Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem, did not elaborate, but has in recent days warned that Israel's military campaign was risking major instability in the region. (Reuters)

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6:56 P.M. Two rockets landed in Gaza border communities, no casualties reported

Two rockets landed in the Eshkol Regional Council, which is located near the Gaza border. While there were no casualties, the rockets caused damage to property. (Anshel Pfeffer)

5:47 P.M. UN chief says Israel, Gaza fighting 'utterly appalling'

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the UN Security Council on Sunday that hostilities in Israel and Gaza were "utterly appalling" and called for an immediate end to fighting.

He said the United Nations is "actively engaging all sides toward an immediate cease-fire" and called on them "to allow mediation efforts to intensify and succeed." (Reuters)

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5:22 P.M. Netanyahu says fighting 'will take time'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a press briefing the fighting "continues in full force," adding "it will take time."

The prime minister added that Israel has the backing of the international community, and thanked U.S. President Joe Biden once more for supporting Israel, according to Netanyahu.

Israel's security cabinet met earlier on Friday, and sources said ministers backed continuing the operation, rather than opting for a cease-fire. (Jonathan Lis)

5:10 P.M. Egypt opens Rafah crossing early for Palestinian travellers

Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing a day earlier than planned to allow the passage from Gaza of students, people needing medical treatment and other humanitarian cases, two sources at the border told Reuters on Sunday.

A security source said that by 1 p.m. (1100 GMT) three buses carrying 263 people had crossed the border, which had been closed for the Eid al-Fitr holiday and was due to reopen on Monday.

Even before Sunday's reopening, Egypt had been picking up people wounded in Israeli bombardments at the crossing.

Egypt has so far sent 16 ambulances to pick up casualties, most of whom had suffered serious injuries that required immediate surgical procedures, medical sources said. (Reuters)

4:46 P.M. Rocket sirens blare in Gaza border communities

4:42 P.M. Israeli army strikes Hamas rocket launchers, operatives, army says

Israeli jets and soldiers attacked six Hamas operatives and three rocket launchers in northern Gaza Strip, the Israeli army says. (Yaniv Kubovich)

4:30 P.M. Gaza death toll climbs to 188, including 55 children

At least 188, including 55 children were killed in Gaza sine the fighting began, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Moreover, 1,230 Palestinians were wounded in Gaza. (Fadi Amun)

>> Read the full report here.

4:16 P.M. Direct Gaza rocket hits in Ashkelon, Ashdod; no casualties reported

Five vehicles were damaged following a direct rocket hit in the southern city of Ashkelon. A direct hit to a house was also reported in the city of Ashdod, no casualties were reported. (Anshel Pfeffer)

4:16 P.M. At least, 3,000 rocket fired toward Israel since escalation started, army says

Some 3,000 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel since the beginning of the recent round of hostilities, the Israeli army says. (Almog Ben Zikri)

4:16 P.M. Heavy rocket barrages target southern Israel, direct hits in Ashkelon and Ashdod

4:01 P.M. Gaza rocket volleys hit Ashkelon, southern Israel

3:50 P.M. Direct rocket hit on building in Gaza border community, none hurt

Gaza rocket hits a building in one of the Israeli communities around the Gaza border, no casualties were reported. (Anshel Pfeffer)

3:30 P.M. Source says cease-fire wasn't considered as an option in security cabinet meeting

An Israeli source said that a cease-fire in Gaza was not considered as an option Sunday's security cabinet meeting, which was convened to discuss the ongoing fighting and Israel's diplomatic position. (Jonathan Lis)

2:25 P.M. Shin Bet, police arrest five Israelis suspected of trying to attack civilians

The Shin Bet security agency and police arrested five Israelis suspected of involvement in attempts to assault drivers in passing cars on a highway in the Lakiya area. The five, who are residents of the Negev, are suspected of trying to attack a car passenger who was rescued uninjured by passerby and of attacking another citizen who was lightly wounded before being rescued by police. (Yaniv Kubovich)

2:20 P.M. Pope denounces violence between Israel, Hamas

Pope Francis has denounced the “unacceptable” spiral of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, saying the deaths in particular of children was a “sign that they don’t want to build the future but want to destroy it.”

Francis prayed for peace, calm and international help to open a path of dialogue during his Sunday blessing, delivered from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

The pope said: “I ask myself: this hatred and vendetta, what will it bring? Do we truly think that we can build peace by destroying the other?”

In unusually pointed comments, Francis added: “In the name of God, who created all human beings equal in rights, duties and dignity and are called to live as brothers, I appeal for calm” and an end to the violence. (AP)

1:48 P.M. Egypt opens Rafah border for Palestinians from Gaza

Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing a day earlier than planned to allow the passage of students, people needing medical treatment and other humanitarian cases, two sources at the border told Reuters on Sunday.

The border had been closed for the Eid al-Fitr holiday and was due to reopen on Monday.

Egypt has so far sent 16 ambulances into Gaza to pick up casualties of Israeli bombardments for treatment in Egyptian hospitals, a medical source said.

The source said a bus with 95 people on board had arrived from Gaza on Sunday morning. (Reuters)

1:12 P.M. Gaza death toll climbs to 181, including 52 children

At least 181 Palestinians, including 52 children were killed in Gaza since the heavy fighting between Israel and broke out last week, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

According to the ministry, 1,225 Palestinians have been wounded in the recent round of hostilities. (Haaretz)

1:09 P.M. Israeli army reports attempted shooting attack in West Bank; no casualties

The Israeli army reported an attempted shooting attack at Bani Naim Junction near Hebron in the West Bank.

No casualties were reported. The Israeli army is currently searching for the suspects. (Hagar Shezaf)

1 P.M. Two rockets fall in Netivot, no casualties reported

12:59 P.M. Gantz extends state of emergency in Ashkelon, Ashdod

Defense Minister Benny Gantz extended a legal state of emergency in Ashdod and Ashkelon until Tuesday. The move will postpone all legal hearings that are slated for the coming days, apart from urgent hearings. (Netael Bandel)

12:44 P.M. Two Jordanians arrested after crossing border

Two Jordanian citizens armed with knives were arrested in Gilboa after crossing the border. The two were stopped on Route 6666, which connects Ma'ale Gilboa to Beit Alfa.

The two were suspected of crossing the border during the night with the intent of reaching Jerusalem. (Noa Shpigel)

12:36 P.M. Saudi Arabia condemns Israel's 'flagrant violations' of Palestinian rights

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister on Sunday condemned Israel's "flagrant violations" of Palestinian rights and called on the international community to act urgently to put an end to military operations.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud was speaking in televised remarks at the start of an emergency virtual meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as fighting between Israel and militants in Gaza entered their seventh day. (Reuters)

12:26 P.M. Heavy Gaza rocket fire at southern Israel resumes

Rockets from Gaza were launched at Ashkelon, Ashdod and other southern communities as hostilities between Hamas and Israel persists. (Haaretz)

12:23 West Bank death toll rises to 12 as Palestinian clash with IDF

A Palestinian who was shot in Nablus has died of his wounds, bringing the number of West Bank Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers since the beginning of violent clashes last week to 12, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced on Sunday.

Earlier Sunday, Muhammad Yunes Khalil Frihat, a 15-year-old boy who was injured in clashes in the Israeli army in the Hebron area on Wednesday, died of his wounds, the Palestinian Health Ministry stated. (Jack Khoury)

12:20 P.M. Saudi foreign minister condemns 'forcible' evictions in East Jerusalem

12:15 P.M. Rocket alert sirens sound in Gaza border communities

11:21 A.M. Military says it continues to strike Hamas targets in Gaza

The military said Sunday that it had conducted airstrikes on 11 rocket laundpads in Shujaiyeh and Khan Yunis during the morning, as well as a cell in Khan Yunis that fired rockets at Israel. (Yaniv Kubovich)

12:13 P.M. Israel targeted Hamas intelligence headquarters, army says

Israel targeted a Hamas intelligence headquarters the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF's Spokesperson's Unit said. (Yaniv Kubovich)

11:09 A.M. Gaza Health Ministry: 26 killed in Israeli strikes overnight, including eight children

The death toll in Israeli strikes in Gaza overnight has risen to 26, including eight children, according to Gaza's health ministry. Another 50 were wounded, it said. (Haaretz)

10:45 A.M. Gaza death toll rises to 174, its health ministry says

The death toll in Gaza has risen to 174, including 47 children and 29 women, while 1,200 have been wounded, according to the health ministry in the enclave. (Haaretz)

10:29 A.M. Israeli diplomatic officials believe international backing for operation nearly exhausted

Diplomatic officials in Jerusalem have made the assessment that international support for the military operation in Gaza has nearly been exhausted, with Sunday thought to be potentially decisive on the diplomatic front. U.S. official Hady Amr met with Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Sunday and has been holding talks aimed at obtaining a cease-fire, and the UN Security Council was set to hold a meeting on the conflict in the afternoon. (Jonathan Lis)

10:11 A.M. At least eight Palestinians killed in overnight strikes, including two doctors, Gaza Health Ministry says

At least eight people were killed and 45 wounded in Gaza by Israeli attacks on the night between Saturday and Sunday, the health ministry in the Gaza Strip said Sunday. Most of the dead and wounded were civilians, the ministry said. Rescue services said the toll was likely to rise, as there were still people trapped under rubble. The dead included two doctors, the director of an internal medicine department and a well-known neurologist, authorities said. (Jack Khoury)

10:05 A.M. Gantz meeting with U.S. official Hady Amr

Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with U.S. official Hady Amr, on Sunday morning, the Biden administration's deputy assistant secretary for Israel and Palestinian affairs. (Jonathan Lis)

10 A.M. Security cabinet to convene at 11 A.M.

The security cabinet was set to convene at 11 A.M. on Sunday ahead of the UN Security Council meeting on the conflict in Gaza in the afternoon. Ministers were to be briefed on the reslts of overnight strikes in Gaza and rioting in mixed-population cities. (Jonathan Lis)

9:28 A.M. Foreign airlines continue suspending flights to Israel

Foreign airlines will continue suspending incoming and outgoing flights in the upcoming days due to Israel's escalation with Hamas in what has become the heaviest flare-up since the 2014 Gaza War.

Only a few foreign airlines continue to operate flights to Israel, including Israel's flag carrier El Al, as well as Israir and Arkia. Ethiopian Airlines, Fly Dubai, and Aegean Airlines will also continue to operate flights to and from Israel.

Delta, United Airlines and Lufthansa were among the first companies to halt their flights to Israel, as hundreds of rockets were fired at central Israel by Gaza militants. (Rina Rozenberg Kandel)

>> Click here for the full report

9:22 A.M. 120 rockets launched from Gaza overnight, Israeli army says

Since 7 P.M. on Saturday, about 120 rockets were launched from Gaza into Israeli territory, 11 of which fell in the Gaza Strip, the army said.

The army added that dozens of rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. (Almog Ben Zikri)

9:03 A.M. U.S. Secretary of State Blinken expresses support to AP President

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with Gary Pruitt, AP's president, to express concern about the Israeli airstrike on the Gaza building housing journalists from AP and other outlets.

The State Department said Blinken offered his support for independent journalists and noted the “indispensability” of their reporting in conflict zones. He also expressed relief that the AP team in Gaza was safe. (Associated Press)

8:39 A.M. Police arrested 15 Jerusalem residents last night

Police arrested on Saturday night 15 residents of the Old City of Jerusalem suspected of disorderly conduct, violence and causing damage in the city last week.

According to the police statement, the detainees are in their 20s, and they will later today attend hearings on extending their detention. (Jonathan Lis)

8:10 A.M. US Secretary of Defense Austin speaks to Gantz

The Pentagon stated that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III had a phone call with Benny Gantz last night.

The statement said that "Secretary Austin reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself. He strongly condemned the continued onslaught of attacks by Hamas and other terrorists groups targeting Israeli civilians. The Secretary shared his view on the need to restore calm." (Haaretz)

7:46 A.M. UN Security Council to convene today over Israel, Hamas

The UN Security Council will convene on Sunday to discuss the escalation between Israel and Hamas.

The foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan, the Palestinian representative and the Israeli ambassador, Gilad Erdan, will speak. (Jonathan Lis)

>> Read the full report here.

7:43 A.M. Jews forbidden to enter Temple Mount

Jewish worshippers who arrived at Jerusalem's Temple Mount were informed that entry is closed to Jews until further notice, although Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan, has ended. (Nir Hasson)

7:42 A.M. Gantz extends state of emergency in Lod

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has extended the state of emergency in Lod by an addtional 48 hours. (Josh Breiner)

7:21 A.M. Israeli army attacks homes of Hamas leader Sinwar and his brother

The Israel Defense Forces attacked the homes of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Khan Yunis, which it said served as a military headquarters. Sinwar was not home at the time of the bombing. Sinwar's brother, who was in charge of Hamas personnel and logistics, was also targeted.

n addition, the army said that it hit targets in Hamas’ tunnel network in the northeastern Gaza Strip, and that in the previous two days, 45 of Hamas’ rocket launchers had been attacked. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:52 P.M. Health authorities in Gaza report five more dead

The health authorities in the Gaza Strip have reported five more deaths and 40 more injuries in the recent wave of attacks by Israel, taking the total number of dead since the fighting broke out to 150. (Jack Khoury)

6:19 A.M. Rocket sirens sounded in Israel's border towns

6:12 A.M. Israeli army recommends further strikes in Gaza before negotiating process begins

The Israel Defense Forces has recommended to the government that it approve further attacks on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip before launching an accelerated negotiation process.

The IDF expects the fighting to continue for another few days, during which there will be further attempts to assassinate senior Hamas officials.

In recent days, Hamas has delivered messages to Israel in an attempt to reach a quick cease-fire, but Israel has replied that the time is not ripe.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the second time in two days. The United States is not demanding that Israel halt its attacks immediately, but it seems to seek an end to the fighting soon. The West Bank has witnessed a serious escalation, with 11 Palestinians killed on Friday by the IDF. (Amos Harel)

>> Click here for the full report

3.11 A.M. UN head 'deeply disturbed' by Israeli airstrikes

A UN spokesman says Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is “deeply disturbed” by the Israeli airstrike that destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City housing offices of several international media organizations and residential apartments, and is “dismayed” by the increasing number of civilian casualties.

“The secretary-general reminds all sides that any indiscriminate targeting of civilian and media structures violates international law and must be avoided at all costs,” spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Saturday.

Earlier Saturday, an Israeli airstrike pulverized a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other media after warning that it was being targeted.

Guterres singled out the death of 10 members of the same family including children as a result of an Israeli airstrike Friday in the al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza, spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Saturday. (The Associated Press)

2:34 A.M. Israel bombs the home of Hamas’s chief in Gaza

Israel bombed the home of Hamas’s chief in Gaza, Yahwa Sinwar, early on Sunday. No injuries were reported from the strike.

At least three Palestinians were killed in Israeli air strikes across the coastal enclave, health officials said, and many were injured as the sounds of heavy bombardment roared through the night. (Reuters)

2:25 A.M. Rocket sirens sound in southern Israel

Rocket sirens sounded over southern Israel, including the city of Be'er Sheva and the Bedouin city of Rahat. (Haaretz)

2.15 A.M. IDF launches extensive attacks on Gaza

1.15 A.M. Israeli airforce striking Gaza, three dead, reports say

Reports from the Gaza say that the Israeli airforce is carrying out dozens of strikes on the Strip. According to Al Jazeera, at least three Palestinians were killed in the latest wave of attacks, with dozens more injured. (Haaretz)

12:48 A.M. No casualties reported from latest round of Gaza missiles

No immediate casualties were reported in the latest wave of rockets fired toward Israel from Gaza. Shrapnel was reported in the central Israel city of Bat Yam. (Bar Peleg)

12:37 A.M. Palestinian Health Ministry: one shot dead in clashes with IDF

The Health Ministry in Ramallah has reported that a Palestinian was shot dead by the IDF after clashes in the city of Tulkarm, marking the tenth Palestinian to be killed in the West Bank since the outbreak of the violence.

The Palestinian Authority counted ten Palestinians who were killed over the weekend by IDF soldiers, with 50 more injured, mostly by live ammunition. Of the wounded, eight are in a critical condition. (Jack Khoury)

12:20 A.M. Third salvo of rockets fired toward Tel Aviv, central Israel

12:15 A.M. Second rocket barrage targets Tel Aviv within minutes

12:10 A.M. Rocket sirens sound in Tel Aviv and central Israel

Rocket sirens sounded over Tel Aviv for fourth time on Friday, with sirens also going off over the central and southern Israel.

The sirens also went off over Ramle, Lod, Holon, Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Gush Dan, HaSharon, Ashdod as well as southern Israel and the Judean foothills. (Haaretz)

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