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Gaza Flare-up: Heavy Rocket Barrage Renews Toward Tel Aviv, Central Israel

Three rounds of sirens rock central Israel after two days of quiet, with Netanyahu pledging operation will continue 'as long as necessary' ■ At least 150 Gazans killed in Israeli strikes, as media tower downed ■ 10 dead in Israel

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Rocket interceptions over central Tel Aviv, tonight.
Rocket interceptions over central Tel Aviv, tonight.Credit: AHMAD GHARABLI - AFP

Fighting between Israel and Hamas escalated in what has become the heaviest flare-up since the 2014 Gaza war. At least 150 people were killed in the Gaza Strip, and 10 in Israel lost their lives in the most intensive aerial exchanges in years.

On Saturday, an Israeli man was killed after a barrage of rocket fire targeted Tel Aviv and central Israel, shattering two days of calm in the region. Buildings and infrastructure has been damaged in several cities in central Israel.

Israel's unwanted war: LISTEN to Anshel Pfeffer

Israel carried out hundreds of air and several ground strikes in Gaza, but IDF troops did not enter Gaza as part of a ground invasion. Gazan militants have fired more than a 2300 rockets at central and southern Israel since Monday.


8:10 A.M. US Secretary of Defense Austin speaks to Gantz

The Pentagon stated that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III had a phone call with Benny Gantz last night.

The statement said that "Secretary Austin reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself. He strongly condemned the continued onslaught of attacks by Hamas and other terrorists groups targeting Israeli civilians. The Secretary shared his view on the need to restore calm." (Haaretz)

7:46 A.M. UN Security Council to convene today over Israel, Hamas

The UN Security Council will convene today to discuss the escalation between Israel and Hamas at 5:00 P.M. Israel time.

The foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan, the Palestinian representative and the Israeli ambassador, Gilad Erdan, will speak.

(Jonathan Lis)

7:43 A.M. Jews forbidden to enter Temple Mount

Jews who arrived at the Temple Mount today were informed that entry is closed to Jews until further notice, although Eid al-Fitr has ended.

According to what was said, the decision was made by political leadership. (Nir Hasson)

7:42 A.M. Gantz extends state of emergency in Lod

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has extended the state of emergency in Lod by an addtional 48 hours. (Josh Breiner)

6:52 P.M. Health authorities in Gaza report five more dead

The health authorities in the Gaza Strip have reported five more deaths and 40 more injuries in the recent wave of attacks by Israel, taking the total number of dead since the fighting broke out to 150. (Jack Khoury)

6:19 A.M. Rocket sirens sounded in Israel's border towns

3.11 A.M. UN head 'deeply disturbed' by Israeli airstrikes

A UN spokesman says Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is “deeply disturbed” by the Israeli airstrike that destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City housing offices of several international media organizations and residential apartments, and is “dismayed” by the increasing number of civilian casualties.

“The secretary-general reminds all sides that any indiscriminate targeting of civilian and media structures violates international law and must be avoided at all costs,” spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Saturday.

Earlier Saturday, an Israeli airstrike pulverized a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other media after warning that it was being targeted.

Guterres singled out the death of 10 members of the same family including children as a result of an Israeli airstrike Friday in the al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza, spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Saturday. (The Associated Press)

2:34 A.M. Israel bombs the home of Hamas’s chief in Gaza

Israel bombed the home of Hamas’s chief in Gaza, Yahwa Sinwar, early on Sunday. No injuries were reported from the strike.

At least three Palestinians were killed in Israeli air strikes across the coastal enclave, health officials said, and many were injured as the sounds of heavy bombardment roared through the night. (Reuters)

2:25 A.M. Rocket sirens sound in southern Israel

Rocket sirens sounded over southern Israel, including the city of Be'er Sheva and the Bedouin city of Rahat. (Haaretz)

2.15 A.M. IDF launches extensive attacks on Gaza

An Israeli artillery unit fires toward targets in Gaza Strip, on Thursday.Credit: Ariel Schalit/AP

1.15 A.M. Israeli airforce striking Gaza, three dead, reports say

Reports from the Gaza say that the Israeli airforce is carrying out dozens of strikes on the Strip. According to Al Jazeera, at least three Palestinians were killed in the latest wave of attacks, with dozens more injured. (Haaretz)

12:48 A.M. No casualties reported from latest round of Gaza missiles

No immediate casualties were reported in the latest wave of rockets fired toward Israel from Gaza. Shrapnel was reported in the central Israel city of Bat Yam. (Bar Peleg)

12:37 A.M. Palestinian Health Ministry: one shot dead in clashes with IDF

The Health Ministry in Ramallah has reported that a Palestinian was shot dead by the IDF after clashes in the city of Tulkarm, marking the tenth Palestinian to be killed in the West Bank since the outbreak of the violence.

The Palestinian Authority counted ten Palestinians who were killed over the weekend by IDF soldiers, with 50 more injured, mostly by live ammunition. Of the wounded, eight are in a critical condition. (Jack Khoury)

12:20 A.M. Third salvo of rockets fired toward Tel Aviv, central Israel

12:15 A.M. Second rocket barrage targets Tel Aviv within minutes

12:10 A.M. Rocket sirens sound in Tel Aviv and central Israel

A woman looks at a building hit by rocket fire in Ashkelon, on Thursday.Credit: Ilan Assayag

Rocket sirens sounded over Tel Aviv for fourth time on Friday, with sirens also going off over the central and southern Israel.

The sirens also went off over Ramle, Lod, Holon, Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Gush Dan, HaSharon, Ashdod as well as southern Israel and the Judean foothills. (Haaretz)


11:58 P.M. IDF says it thwarted attempted ramming attack

The Israeli army reported that a Palestinian attempted to ram their vehicle into soldiers at a checkpoint near Hebron in the West Bank.

The army said it began an arrest procedure on the suspect, and this included firing at vehicle. (Yaniv Kubovich)

11:37 P.M. Egyptians say efforts to achieve humanitarian ceasefire continuing

The spokesperson for Egypt's Foreign Ministry said that the country is continuing its efforts to secure calm, as exchanges between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip show no signs of slowing.

An Egyptian intelligence official also told Associated Press that the attempts to reach a humanitarian ceasefire received a boost once Biden's point man on Israel-Palestine, Hady Amr, arrived in Tel Aviv. The source added that Egypt was trying to promote a window of calm to treat the seriously wounded in Gaza, with ambulances waiting on the Egyptian side of the border.

The Egyptian official said his country and other mediators hoped the United States would put pressure on Israel to stop the fighting, and expressed concerns about the spiralling situation in the rest of the Palestinian territories. He conceded, however, that the mediators do not expect a ceasefire before the UN Security Council convenes on Saturday. (Fadi Amun, AP)

Palestinian families after evacuating their homes east of Gaza City, tonight, due to heavy shelling by the Israeli military.Credit: MOHAMMED ABED / AFP

11:17 P.M. Netanyahu: 'Anyone who acts like a terrorist will be handled like one'

Speaking at a press conference Saturday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the current operation will continue "as long as necessary."

Netanyahu thanked U.S. President Joe Biden, whom he had spoken with earlier in the day, for his unwavering support, and said that Israel is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza.

Netanyahu addressed the "grave" violence between Jews and Arabs in mixed cities in Israel, saying, "Arab law-breakers are attacking Jews, burning synagogues and Jewish homes. We will not stand for it." Netanyahu specified that "it's not the entire Arab population, or even a majority of the Arab population, but all of us must condemn violence by Israeli Arabs."

Netanyahu referred to violence by Arabs in Israel as "terror," saying "anyone who acts like a terrorist will be handled like one." (Haaretz)

10:23 P.M. IDF attacks Hamas posts

The Israeli army attacked two rocket launchers in Gaza after firing into Israel. (Haaretz)

10:19 P.M. Hamas vows to resume rocket fire on central Israel after midnight

Hamas issued a statement saying it will resume its rocket firing into central Israel after midnight. (Haaretz)

10:12 P.M. Hamas leader says that Gaza is 'disrupting' the lives of Israelis

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh spoke at a rally in Doha, Qatar, saying Gaza has managed to "disrupt the lives of the Zionists."

He added that the young Palestinians born after the Olso Accords were signed are the ones "defending" the Al-Aqsa Mosque today. (Haaretz)

9:30 P.M. 180 Palestinians wounded in clashes with the IDF in the West Bank.

9:15 P.M. Gaza death toll rises to 145

Gaza's Health Ministry says 145 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks so far. 41 of them were children, and 23 were women. In addition, 1,100 have been wounded. 313 of those are children and 206 women. (Yaniv Kubovich)

8:52 P.M. IDF attacks senior Hamas commanders home

An Israeli fighter jet attacked the home of the head of Hamas' operational staff in the Gaza Strip, Raed Sa’ad. (Yaniv Kubovich)

8:38 P.M. Abbas had 'positive' conversation with Biden

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he had a 'positive' conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden over the phone. (Haaretz)

8:32 P.M. IDF says 278 rockets fired at Israel in past 12 hours

278 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli cities since 7:00 A.M Saturday. 40 of those landed inside the Gaza Strip. (Haaretz)

8:25 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in southern Israeli cities

Rocket sirens sound in Gaza border communities as well as the city of Ashkelon. (Haaretz)

8:06 P.M. 78 Palestinians wounded in clashes with IDF in the West Bank

The Red Crescent says 78 Palestinians were wounded in clashes with the IDF in Ramallah. Nine were wounded by live fire, 18 by rubber bullets and 50 by tear gas. (Haaretz)

7:48 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Gaza border communities

7:44 P.M. IDF says Lebanese protesters throwing Molotov cocktails at border fence

The Israeli army says Lebanese protesters are throwing molotoc cocktails at the border fence, causing the IDF to open fire at rioters, and using riot dispersal methods. (Haaretz)

7:35 P.M. Al Jazeera intends to sue Israel over bombing of Gaza office

Al Jazeera called the IDF's bombing of its office in Gaza 'barbaric' and a violation of international law.

"We promise our viewers that we will continue to document and cover what is happening (on the ground). We will sue the Israeli government," it said in a statement. (Haaretz)

7:29 P.M. Netanyahu and Biden speak over the phone

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu updated U.S. President Joe Biden on the security situation in Israel during a phone call between the leaders on Saturday, according to a statement from the Prime Minister's Office.

Netanyahu thanked Biden for the U.S.'s unwavering support for Israel's right to self defense. Netanyahu emphasized that Israel is doing all it can to prevent harming civilians, and explained that when Israel attacks high rise towers that house Hamas targets they take care to evacuate the buildings.

The phone call was lengthy and initiated by Biden.

Meanwhile the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process called on Israel and Hamas to stop the fighting.

"I am appalled by the horrific incident in Al-Shati camp which claimed the lives of 8 Palestinian children, in an Israeli airstrike. Since 10 May, 40 children killed in Gaza by Israeli strikes; 2 children killed in Israel by Palestine|ian rockets. I mourn their short lives," Tor Wennesland said.

"Children continue to be victims of this deadly escalation. I reiterate that children must not be the target of violence or put in harm’s way. The hostilities must stop now!," he added. (Jonathan Lis)

7:01 P.M. IDF attacks homes of four senior Hamas commanders

Israeli fighter jets attacked the homes of four senior Hamas commanders in Khan Yunes in south Gaza and Deir Al Balah in central Gaza. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:39 P.M. IDF attacks Hamas underground positions, rocket launch sites

Israeli fighter jets attacked a number of Hamas underground sites and rocket launchers in central and south Gaza. (Haaretz)

6:31 P.M. Israelis near Gaza border allowed to leave home after short order to stay indoor

The Eshkol Regional Council says Israelis in Gaza border communities can once again leave their homes, after being told to stay indoor due to rocket fire. (Almog Ben Zikri)

6:30 P.M. Lebanese protesters gather at border with Israel

Dozens of Lebanese people are demonstrating along the border with Israel, spread across a number of locations. (Noa Shpigel)

6:15 P.M. Israelis near Gaza border instructed to stay home due to rocket fire

The Eshkol Regional Council, covering the north-western Negev desert close to the Gaza border, instructed Israelis to stay indoor until further notice due to rocket firing. (Almog Ben Zikri)

6:07 IDF attacks deputy Hamas leader's home

IDF says a fighter jet attacked the home of the deputy leader of Hamas' political wing, Khalil el-Hiya. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:01 P.M. Barrage of rockets fired at southern Israel

Rocket sirens went off in several border communities and cities in the south, including Ashkelon, Sderot, and Ashdod. (Haaretz)

5:50 P.M. U.S. says 'ensuring safety of journalists' is Israel's responsibility, after IDF strikes AP building in Gaza

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki issued a statement saying the U.S. "communicated directly to the Israelis that ensuring the safety and security of journalists and independent media is a paramount responsibility." (Ben Samuels)

5:47 P.M. Foreign media fume over IDF 'ploy' to use them to trick Hamas

Foreign journalists stationed in Israel and senior editors in international media outlets are angry over reports in the Israeli media stating that the IDF deliberately misled them as part of a wider scheme against Hamas. Several reporters who spoke with Haaretz said that the incident will lead media to mistrust he IDF statements in the future.

The incident from Friday night is not the only reason for tensions between Israel and the international media: On Saturday afternoon, the IDF bombed a high-rise building in Gaza that housed the offices of several international media outlets, including the Associated Press.

The IDF said that the building was bombed because it was used by Hamas’ intelligence units. The army said Hamas was using the civilian media outlets as "human shields." (Amir Tibon)

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5:46 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Gaza border communities

5:22 P.M. IDF kills two Hamas operatives in Gaza

The Israeli army shot down an explsive-laden drone sent across the Gaza border. The drone fell on two Hamas operatives, killing them both. (Yaniv Kubovich)

5:18 P.M. Netanyahu to hold security meeting with senior officials

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to discuss domestic security situation in Israel with senior officials. Netanyahu will then meet Defense Minister Benny Gantz and other top security officials to assess the situation. (Jonathan Lis)

5:17 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Gaza border communities

4:36 P.M. Gantz: Israel seeks no escalation with Palestinians in West Bank, has more plans for Gaza

Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with senior IDF officers, saying Israel has no interest in escalating the volatile situation with Palestinians in the West Bank, but that the army won't allow "terrorism to raise its head."

Gantz also said that Hamas paid a heavy price for its attacks on Israel, but that the army has additional plans to restore "peace and stability." (Yaniv Kubovich)

4:00 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Gaza border communities

3:55 PM - IDF confirms attack on Gaza tower, says housing 'Hamas military assets'

Israel Defense Forces said on Saturday that its fighter jets hit a tower in Gaza housing what the army said was "military assets" belonging to Hamas.

The building was host to the offices of the Associated Press, which is based in the U.S., and Qatari owned Al Jazeera.

According to the army, the tower had "offices belonging to civilian media organization that Hamas the terror organization was using as human shields." (Yaniv Kubovtich)

3:50 P.M. Hamas threatens to strike Tel Aviv after IDF struck AP, Al Jazeera building in Gaza

Hamas threatened to strike Tel Aviv in response to the bombing of the building. "The residents of Tel Aviv should be prepared for our response," a spokesperson for Hamas military wing said. (Jack Khoury)

3:22 P.M. Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera collapses after missile strike

An Israeli airstrike has destroyed a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press’ offices in the Gaza Strip.

The airstrike Saturday came roughly an hour after the Israeli military ordered people to evacuate the building. There was no immediate explanation for why the building was targeted.

The building houses The Associated Press, Al-Jazeera and a number of offices and apartments. (AP)

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3:07 P.M. Ongoing sirens in Israeli communities on the border with Gaza

2:38 P.M. Five buildings severely damaged in Ramat Gan from rocket shrapnel

Five buildings have been damaged in Ramat Gan, after heavy rocket fire hit the city.

One man was killed in the rocket barrage which hit central Israel an hour ago. (Haaretz)

2:37 P.M. Rockets hit two sites in central Israeli cities Giv'at Shmuel, Taibe

Two sites in the central city of Giv'at Shmuel have been hit by rockets, Israel Police has confirmed.

A rocket also fell at the entrance to the Israeli-Arab town of Taibe. (Bar Peleg and Jack Khoury)

2:34 P.M. IDF destroys Hamas weapons cache

IDF fighter jets have struck Hamas weapons cache in Jabalya. (Yaniv Kubovich)

2:30 P.M. Sirens sound in Ashkelon, Ashdod

2:26 P.M. Attempted car ramming attack south of Hebron

No Israelis were hurt in the attempted car ramming; IDF soldiers at the scene shot at the driver. (Jack Khoury)

2:15 P.M. Man dies from injuries sustained after rocket fire in Ramat Gan

A man has died from injuries sustained after rocket shrapnel hit his apartment in Ramat Gan.

Authorities say the man was caught off guard. (Bar Peleg)

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2:11 P.M. Sirens sound for third time in central Israel

2:04 P.M. Direct hits in Rishon Letzion, Ramat Gan, Yavne and Lod

Rockets have hit urban areas in several cities in central Israel.

In Yavne, the rocket fell within a garden of a family home. No injuries were reported. (Josh Breiner)

2:02 P.M. MDA says several sustained light injury in latest rocket barrage

Several people have sustained light injuries who received medical treatment at the scene, according to Magen David Adom spokesperson. (Yaniv Kubovich)

1:58 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in central Israel

Second round of sirens sound across central Israel. (Haaretz)

1:49 P.M. Rocket hits residential area in Tel Aviv suburb

A rocket appears to have hit a building in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

No injuries have been confirmed. (Bar Peleg)

1:38 P.M. Hamas says rocket attack was revenge for Abu Hatan family

Hamas is claiming the rocket attack on central Israel as revenge for the ten members of the Abu Hatan family who were killed in an Israeli airstrike in the northern Gaza strip. (Jack Khoury)

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1:32 P.M. Red alert sirens sound in Tel Aviv, central Israel

For the first time in two days, Gaza militants launched dozens of rockets towards central Israel. Iron Dome interceptions were heard throughout central Israel and above Tel Aviv.

12:56 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Israeli communities close to Gaza

12:26 P.M. People from Lebanon who attempted to cross into Israel tried to detonate explosive devices, IDF says

The people who tried to cross into Israel from Lebanon tried to detonate explosive devices in the Israeli border city of Metula, the IDF has said. (Noa Shpigel)

12:30 P.M. Ten Gazans killed in Israeli strike, eight of them children

Ten members of the Abu Hatab family were killed last night in an IDF attack on the Al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, according to reports from Gaza. Initial reports said seven were killed.

Maha al-Hadidi, 36, arrived at her brother's home from the Abu Hatab family with her five children - four of whom were killed in the bombing: Suhaib, 14; 'Abd a-Rahman, 8; Osama, 6, and Yahya, 11.

The bombing also killed Maha's relative, 31-year-old Jasmine Hassan, and her three children: Yosef, 11; Bilal, 10, and Ala, five. Eyewitnesses reported that the four-story building was bombed several times until it was completely destroyed.

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12:11 P.M. Sirens sound in Israeli communities on the Gaza border

12:08 P.M. Israel intercepts unmanned drone that entered Israel from Gaza

An unmanned drone crossed into Israeli airspace from Gaza into Israeli Kibbutz Re'im close to the border.

The drone was intercepted. (Yaniv Kubovich)

11:52 A.M. Red alert sirens sound in communities next to Gaza border

11:41 A.M. Muslim clerics urge Jaffa residents to remove identifying Islam symbols from homes

After a night of violence where Molotov cocktails were thrown at Arab homes in Jaffa, clerics are urging locals to remove any identifying symbols of Islam from their homes in order to protect them from anti-Arab attacks.

According to locals, some people have taken down decorative Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr decorations, such as moon crescents.

Meanwhile in Haifa, it appears that some Arabs are moving Muslim symbols from building facades, after residents claim they saw youth painting entrances to Arab homes in red. Women who wear the hijab head covering are also reportedly scared to leave their house.

These latest events join calls on social media to boycott Arab business in the cities. (Shirin Falah Saeb)

10:04 A.M. Sirens sound in Israeli communities on the Gaza border

9:23 A.M. 19 hospitalized in Be'er Sheva after losing footing while running to shelter

Nineteen people were evacuated to Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva as a result of losing their footing and falling over while running to shelter while sirens were sounding overnight. 16 were lightly injured.

Another three people suffered from anxiety attacks.

The hospital also said that 15 people are still hospitalized since the start of the conflict. (Almog Ben Zikri)

9:17 A.M. 15 arrested over involvement in Lod clashes

Police arrested 15 people suspected of being involved in clashes in Lod. Upon entering the home of one of the suspects, police found a loaded weapon, according to police. Police also said that they seized nine Molotov cocktails and two firecrackers. (Josh Breiner)

9:03 A.M. Rocket fire resumes from Gaza

Sirens sound in Ashkelon and Ashdod as rocket fire resumes from Gaza. (Haaretz)

8:21 A.M. 11 killed in the West Bank in past 24 hours, Palestinian Health Ministry says

11 people have been killed in West Bank and 251 have been injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. Of the 251 injured, 26 are in serious condition. (Jack Khoury)

8:18 A.M. 200 rockets fired in 12 hours into Israel, IDF says

From 7 P.M. Friday to 7 A.M. Saturday, 200 rockets were launched into Israeli territory and an additional 30 launches fell within the Gaza strip, the IDF says.

IDF Air defense soldiers intercepted mroe than 100 rockets, in accordance with protocol, the IDF added. (Almog Ben Zikri)

7:21 A.M. Rocket shrapnel hit building in Be'er Sheva

During Friday night's heavy rocket fire, some rocket shrapnel hit a building in Be'er Sheva. No one was injured. (Almog Ben Zikri)

7:07 A.M. Rocket fire returns to Be'er Sheva

Rocket fire resumes above Be'er Sheva after three hours of quiet. The cities of Be'er Sheva, Ashdod and other communities in southern Israel were targeted by rocket fire from Gaza for most of Friday night and Saturday morning. (Haaretz)

6:35 A.M. Gaza death toll includes 31 children

The Gaza Ministry of Health has reported 126 deaths so far, including 31 children and teenagers and 20 women. (Jack Khoury)

6:26 A.M. 7 from same family killed in IDF attack in Gaza

Two women and five children, all members of the Abu Hatab family, were killed last night in an IDF attack on the Al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, according to reports from Gaza.

A five-month-old baby is reportedly the only survivor of the assault. The Palestinians report that the baby was found in the rubble of the house with his mother dead, shielding him with her body.

(Jack Khoury)

6:21 A.M. Heavy rocket fire in the south during the night

A heavy barrage of rockets was fired during the night towards the south. There was direct damage to homes in Ashdod and Sderot, but there were no casualties.

Rockets were fired at the Gaza Envelope, Sderot, Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva, Ashdod, Gan Yavne and many other localities in the area.

(Almog Ben Zakri)

6:20 A.M. IDF attacks in Gaza continued throughout the night

The IDF announced yesterday that it had attacked a number of Hamas targets, including rocket launching stations, the organization's senior office, homes of operatives and targets of the organization's naval force.

During the night, an IDF aircraft attacked a number of launchers and two Hamas squads, the IDF spokesman said. It was also reported that an IDF aircraft attacked a number of Hamas rocket launchers in Khan Yunis and Gaza City. (Yaniv Kubovitch)

6:15 A.M. Hezbollah operative crossed into Israel, shot by IDF

Citizens from Lebanon broke through the border fence in Metula yesterday, infiltrated Israel and set a fire. IDF tanks fired at them and, according to an army statement, tried to return them to Lebanese territory.

In Lebanon, it was reported that one of them was shot dead, and Hezbollah announced that he belonged to the organization. The killer was identified as 21-year-old Muhammad Tehan.

According to the IDF, the demonstration near the border fence was attended by about 20 people carrying Palestinian flags. Three of them cut the border fence and infiltrated Israeli territory, joined by four others, who started the fire. They withdrew after a tank fired two warning shots at them. The army said one of them was shot in the leg and returned wounded to Lebanese territory. (Jack Khoury)

3:03 A.M. Direct rocket hit to building in Ashdod

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a building in Ashdod. Magen David Adom emergency services reported that the apartment that was damaged on the sixth floor had three occupants, who were in a protected room and were not harmed.

Medical officials treated ten victims for anxiety, and evacuated two of them to the hospital. In the barrage of rockets towards the city, a factory in the port of Ashdod was also hit, causing a fire. MDA reported that there were no casualties in this incident either.

(Josh Breiner)

2:02 A.M. Morocco to send 40 tons of aid to Palestinians

Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Friday ordered 40 tons of aid for Palestinians to be shipped to the West Bank and Gaza following recent violence.

The aid includes food, medicine and blankets and will be carried by military aircrafts, the foreign ministry said in a statement.Morocco also denounced "the violent acts perpetrated in occupied Palestinian territories," and reiterated support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Reuters)

12:45 A.M. IDF says attacked head of Hamas security forces

The IDF announced that they attacked the head of Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip. According to the announcement, an IDF aircraft attacked the operational office in Ramel of Tawfiq Abu Naim, the head of Hamas security forces, which served as a military compound. (Yaniv Kubovitch)

12:42 A.M. Sirens sound in Be'er Sheva

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