Israeli Seriously Injured From Rocket Debris; IDF Hits Gaza With Ground, Air Strikes

60-year-old Israeli man sustained injuries to his stomach after a rocket landed near his home in Ashkelon ■ Sirens sound nearly nonstop in Israel's south overnight ■ Israeli army says rockets fired from Lebanon amid Gaza flare-up ■ Gaza authorities say 109 killed, including 17 minors ■ Israeli ground troops on standby as Hamas warns of escalation ■ Israeli tally puts total rockets since beginning of escalation at 1,750 ■ Seven dead in Israel, including a soldier, as well as father and daughter killed

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Gaza rockets (right) fired towards Israel from Beit Lahia met by Iron Dome missile defense
Gaza rockets (right) fired towards Israel from Beit Lahia met by Iron Dome missile defense, overnight ThursdayCredit: ANAS BABA - AFP

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Fighting between Israel and Hamas escalated in what has become the heaviest flare-up since the 2014 Gaza. At least 83 people were killed in the Strip and seven in Israel, in the most intensive aerial exchanges for years.

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Israel carried out hundreds of air strikes in Gaza, as Palestinian militants fired more than a thousand rockets at central and southern Israel since Monday.

The fighting prompted international concern that the situation could spiral out of control, as well as mediation efforts for a ceasefire.

Tensions had been building up over the past week, with clashes between Israeli forces and protesters in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah and the Temple Mount, and spilled into violent attacks by civilians across Israel, targeting both Jews and Arabs.


08:03 A.M. Gaza death toll climbs to 115, 600 reported wounded, Health Ministry says

The health ministry in Gaza the number of Palestinian casualties has climbed to 115, including 27 minors and 11 women, while the number of wounded rose to 600. (Jack Khoury)

07:38 A.M. Israeli army strike 150 Hamas targets in northern Gaza

More than 160 jets have carried out airstrikes in northern Gaza overnight Thursday, attacking some 150 Hamas targets, the Israeli army said in a statement Friday.

A video posted by Hamas' military wing showing the launch of drones toward Israel.

The army added that the overnight strikes targeted Hamas underground infrastructure. (Yaniv Kubovich)

07:33 A.M. Rocket sirens renew in Ashdod, Ashkelon, surrounding communities

07:18 A.M. Father, three daughters killed following airstrike, sources say

IDF strikes in Gaza, last night

A father and three of his daughters were killed in northern Gaza following an Israeli army airstrike, medical sources in the Gaza Strip say.

Many residents, who live in the northern part of the Strip, left their homes tonight, supposedly because of a potential IDF strike. (Jack Khoury)

5:40 A.M. Sirens sound in communities close to Gaza border

4:17 A.M. Sirens renew in Ashdod, surrounding communities

After over an hour of quiet, rocket launches from Gaza to Ashdod and other southern Israeli communities rewnewed, with sirens sounding across the region. (Haaretz)

3:02 A.M. Hamas sees us as 'weak but arrogant'

Shabtai Ephraim, a resident of Ashkelon whose building was hit by a rocket, told Haaretz that "Hamas recognizes us as weak on one hand and arrogant on the other, so we get (rockets)."

In the latest barrage of rocket fire launched from Gaza, five rockets landed in Ashkelon. One of them hit a residential building and seriously injured a 60-year-old man, receiving debris to his stomach. Another man, aged 90, sustained light injuries when he was hit in the head on the way to a bomb shelter. The two were evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center. (Aaron Rabinowitz)

2:40 A.M. Right-wing activists target Arab-owned business in Lod

Dozens of right-wing activists, among them supporters of the La Familia group, vandalized and lit Arab busineses on fire in Lod earlier this evening.

In one instance, the activists threw stones at an Arab family in the presence of police officers. In a separate event, they threw stones at a car, lit it on fire and flipped it on the road.

The activists also tried to light an Arab-owned corner store on fire, where one was heard screaming 'we're going to light Lod on fire' (Bar Peleg)

The site of a hit by a rocket in Ashkelon next to a residential buildingCredit: Eli Cohen, Israel Fire and Rescue Service

2:31 A.M. 60-year-old man in serious condition after direct hit in Ashkelon

Medics are treating a 60-year-old man who is in a serious condition after being hit by rocket debris, an MDA spokesperson said.

The man was evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. (Aaron Rabinowitz)

2:30 A.M. UN to proceed with security council meeting despite U.S. objection

The UN Security Council will publicly discuss the worsening violence between Israel and Palestinian militants on Sunday, diplomats said after the United States earlier objected to a meeting on Friday. (Reuters)

2:27 A.M. Red alert sirens sound in Ashkelon, Gaza border communities

2:13 A.M. Ongoing sirens in Ashkelon, communities in Israel's south

1:34 A.M. Sirens sound in southern Judean hills, Gaza border communities

1:25 A.M. Rocket hits area near residential building in Ashkelon

No injuries were reported in the strike. (Yaniv Kubovich)

1:16 A.M. Gaza Health Ministry: 109 killed in IDF strikes, 621 injured

The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry announced that 109 have been killed since Monday in IDF strikes, 27 of which were children and youth, and 11 were women. 621 have been injured in the strikes. (Haaretz)

1:05 P.M. Hamas spokesperson says they will fire new rockets at 1A.M.

Spokesperson Abu Abadia has confirmed that Hamas will fire new rockets towards Israel at 1A.M. (Jack Khoury)

1:01 A.M. Heavy rocket fire above communities in Israel's south

Sirens are sounding across communities in Israel's south, including Be'er Sheva.

Meanwhile, the IDF Home Front Command has instructed residents of communities on the Israel-Gaza border with Israel to stay in their shelters until further notice. (Yaniv Kubovich)

12:32 A.M. Netanyahu: We will continue to attack Hamas, operation will continue as needed

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last night (Friday) that Hamas will pay a "very heavy price" for their actions.

"We will continue to do what we're doing with great intensity. The last word has not yet been uttered, and this operation will continue as long as necessary."

The ruins of buildings which were destroyed in Israeli airstrikes in the northern Gaza Strip, today.Credit: Mohammed Salem/Reuters

Netanyahu added that "we will give complete backing to the police, the Border Police and the rest of the security forces to restore law and order to the cities of Israel - we will not tolerate anarchy."

Netanyahu added, "I call once again on the citizens of Israel not to take the law into their own hands." (Jonathan Lis)

12:22 A.M. IDF carries out ground, air strikes in Gaza

The military is attacking targets in Gaza, by the ground and air, the IDF said.

Emergency teams at the site of a rocket hit in Petah Tikva, in central Israel, on Wednesday night.Credit: Moti Milrod

The IDF has told residents of western Negev communities to stay close to shelter, and confirmed that loud booms in the area were a result of IDF fire. (Almog Ben Zikri)

12:18 A.M. 87-year-old woman dies after falling on way to bomb shelter

An 87-year-old woman has died from injuries sustained after falling on her way to the bomb shelter in Shtulim, southern Israel.

Hatzalah medics tried to rescuscitate her, yet declared her death at the scene. (Almog Ben Zikri)


11:53 P.M. IDF attacks two Hamas anti-tank cells, Hamas cyber headquarters

The IDF has confirmed that it hit two anti-tank missile cells in Gaza, bringing the total count of cells it destroyed today to seven.

The IDF added that it targeted two buildings which housed Hamas cyber units. (Yaniv Kubovich)

11:50 P.M. Rocket hits between two buildings in Be'er Sheva

A rocket which fell between two houses in Be'er Sheva caused damage to the area; no injuries have been reported. (Almog Ben Zikri)

11:29 P.M. Rocket alert sirens sound in Be'er Sheva, southern Israel

10:25 P.M. Sources say rocket fire from Lebanon committed by small Palestinian group

Rocket fire from Lebanon toward Israel was the work of a small Palestinian group and occurred without Hezbollah's knowledge, according to Lebanese defense sources. (Jack Khoury)

10:18 P.M. Gaza Health Ministry says death toll rises to 103

The health ministry in Gaza said the number of Palestinian fatalities has risen to 103, including 27 minors and 11 women, while the number of wounded rose to 580. (Haaretz)

10:13 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in cities in central and southern Israel, including Lod, Ramle and Ashdod

10:04 P.M. Rocket sirens activated again in Ashdod

9:59 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gaza border communities

9:39 P.M. Three rockets fired from Lebanon toward sea, military says

Three rockets were fired from Lebanon at the sea, near the shores of northern Israel, the military said. No sirens were activated. Residents in the north of Israel reported hearing echoes of blasts. Authorities instructed residents to continue their routine as normal. The Gaza war in the summer of 2014 saw rockets fired from Lebanon by Palestinian organizations seeking a display of solidarity with residents of Gaza.(Yaniv Kubovich and Noa Shpigel)

9:33 P.M. Rocket sirens activated in Ashkelon

9:01 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon, Gaza border communities

8:21 P.M. Biden urges fewer rocket attacks as U.S. objects to UN meeting on Israeli-Palestinian escalation

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday called for a de-escalation of violence in the Middle East as the conflict in Gaza intensified, saying he wants to see a significant reduction in rocket attacks.

Biden, speaking to reporters at the White House, also said he expects to have more talks with leaders in the region.

The United States also objected to a request by China, Norway and Tunisia for a public, virtual meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Friday to discuss the worsening violence between Israel and Palestinian militants, diplomats said. Click here to read the full story... (Reuters)

8:20 P.M. White House says Egypt, Tunisia and others can help de-escalate conflict

Egypt, Tunisia and other countries in the region can play a short-term role in de-escalating the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday. (Reuters)

8:18 P.M. Bennett says Lapid government is off the table, renews talks with Netanyahu's Likud

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett has said in a closed-door meeting between members of his party and Likud representatives on Thursday that a "government of change," composed of the parties that seek to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is off the table.

He said that given the state of emergency in mixed Arab-Jewish cities, the planned makeup of the government led by Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid and Bennett won't be able to manage the situation because it has become necessary to deploy military troops and conduct arrests. He said that doing so would be impossible with Mansour Abbas and his United Arab List party. Read the full story here...

7:22 P.M. Gantz approves calling up 2,000 more reservists

Defense Minister Benny Gantz approved calling up 2,000 additional reservists, bringing the total to 9,000. (Almog Ben Zikri)

7:21 P.M. Army: 160 rockets fired at Israel since morning

The military said that 160 rockets were fired at Israel between 7 A.M. and 7 P.M., with around 30 of them falling short and landing inside Gaza. (Haaretz)

7:01 P.M. Rocket falls in yard in southern Israel, fails to explode

A rocket fell in the yard of a house in Eskhol Regional Council. It failed to explode and a sapper was called to the scene. There were no injuries. (Almog Ben Zikri)

6:55 P.M. Fighting severely affecting Gazans, Israeli defense official says

A defense official speaking with reporters said that the ongoing fighting is severely affecting Gaza residents' quality of life, with three out of the four turbines producing electricity for the enclave out of commission because of a lack of fuel and the remaining turbine providing five hours of electricity a day.

The fuel shortage has also interfered with the functioning of water pumps, the official said. Civilians and the Health Ministry in Gaza have been reporting that residents are afraid to leave their houses because of Israeli airstrikes and rockets falling short of their targets and falling within Gaza. According to the enclave's health ministry, 87 people have been killed and some 500 wounded in Gaza. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:43 P.M. Sirens activated again in Be'er Sheva, Negev communities

6:30 P.M. Military says it struck apartment used for operations by head of Hamas drone program

The military said it struck a Gaza apartment being used for operations by Hamas' drone program. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:24 P.M. Rocket sirens sound in Be'er Sheva

6:02 P.M. Rocket sirens blare in Be'er Sheva

5:57 P.M. Rocket sirens blare in Ashkelon, several other southern communities

5:45 P.M. Military says it struck four apartments used by Hamas commanders

The military said it struck four apartments in Gaza used by Hamas commanders for operations, including one used by the deputy commander of the organization's Jabalya Battalion, which fired the most recent volley of rockets. (Yaniv Kubovich)

5:37 P.M. Defense officials say rate of Gaza rocket fire surprised military

While senior military officials have said they were not surprised by any actions by Hamas uring the current round of fighting, some defense officials have admitted that the rate of the rocket fire was unexpected. Some 1,600 rockets have been fired in the few days of fighting, with the largest single barrage being 140 rockets fired by Hamas at Ashkelon. Some 200 rockets have been fired at cities in central Israel.

In closed-door meetings, the issue of flawed intelligence on Hamas' long-range rockets was also raised. Up to now, the military believed the longest-range rocket possessed by the group was the R-160, which has a maximum range of 160 kilometers. A rocket fired at the Ramon airport near Eilat – over 200 kilometers away from the launch point – came as a surprise to some in the military.

As of Thursday afternoon, the military had thwarted five attempts by Hamas to launch explosives-laden drones into Israel. The air force has meanwhile been striking Gaza at an estimated rate of over 100 attacks a day. So far, four high-rise buildings in Gaza have been destroyed, and some 60 operatives in Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been killed, according to the military. Around 160 rocket launchers have been destroyed, as well.

The airstrikes have been aimed at significantly damaging Hamas' rocket production sites and capabilities, including the assassination of senior members of its rocket program. The military has fired over 600 interception missiles so far. (Yaniv Kubovich)

5 P.M. Netanyahu: Government considering using military troops and administrative detentions to put down riots

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the government was considering deploying military troops to cities where riots have been taking place, and that the police commissioner has been given approval to do so. The government was also considering conducting administrative detentions, meaning arrests made without the suspect appearing before a judge, of rioters. "Our goal is to bring results and to bring them quickly," Netanyahu said. "We are hearing whispers about fears of inquiry committees. We will give you all the tools. You have the support, don't be afraid."

The use of administrative detention and troops is only possible where a state of emergency has been declared, which has so far only been the case in Lod. Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said, in closed discussions, said that he did not believe soldiers needed to be brought in. "The police can handle the incidents," Shabtai said, according to a source familiar with the details of the conversation.Click here to read the full story... (Jonathan Lis)

4:41 P.M. Multiple rocket sirens in communities in south over past hour

4:30 P.M. Military instructs public to remain below window height

The military said that following a probe into the death of a five-year-old who was inside a safe room on Wednesday, the public should remain below the height of any windows inside their shelters when taking cover during a rocket alert.

The boy's death occurred because of an extremely rare circumstance in which a fragment broke through the steel plate covering the window, the military said. (Almog Ben Zikri)

4:21 P.M. Military says 7,000 reservists called up, leave canceled for all combat units

The military said it has canceled leave for all combat units and has so far called up 7,000 reservists, mostly those working with the Iron Dome defense system and medics. (Yaniv Kubovich)

3:35 P.M. Israel says it struck anti-tank missile launchers in Gaza high-rise

The military said it struck another anti-tank missile launcher in Gaza, this time located in a high-rise building in the southern part of the Strip, following a series of such strikes throughout the day. (Yaniv Kubovich)

3:21 P.M. Explosive drone blows up over southern Israel

An explosive drone launched from Gaza detonated in the skies above Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council in the Negev. There were no injuries. (Almog Ben Zikri)

3:15 P.M. Emergency services say four being treated after latest rocket barrage

Emergency services said they were treating four people in light to moderate condition after the latest volley of rockets, including a seven-year-old boy who was moderately hurt while trying to reach shelter.

Near the Negev moshav of Lachish, paramedics evacuated a woman lightly wounded by glass shards to the hospital, while another was lightly injured while trying to reach shelter and a third was receiving treatment for shock. (Haaretz)

3:03 P.M. Israel's Ramon Airport briefly suspends operations after Hamas says fired rocket

Israel's southern Ramon airport was targeted by Palestinian rocket fire and was operating as usual, an Israeli official said, after the Islamist group Hamas said it had fired a rocket at the airport. The airport's operations were briefly suspended after a rocket landed in the area.

Israel has redirected some flights to Ramon Airport, which is near the Red Sea resort Eilat, from its main Tel Aviv-area airport, Ben-Gurion International Airport, due to the security situation. (Reuters)

3 P.M. Police surveying damage in stricken moshav

Following a barrage of rockets that fell on Zohar, police spokesperson said that they are working to locate sites of damage in the southern Israel moshav.

There are preliminary reports of injuries and a hit on a building. (Josh Breiner)

2:40 P.M. Hamas says it fired rockets towards southern Israel airport

Hamas' military wing stated that it fired a new type of rocket toward the Ramon Airport in Eilat, in southern Israel, where many flights are being redirected from Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The novel type of rocket has a range of 220 kilometres.

Earlier on Thursday, Israel's Civil Aviation Authority has announced that all commercial flights arriving at Ben-Gurion International Airport will be redirected to Ramon Airport in Eilat, in light of the escalating security situation.(Jack Khoury)

2:27 P.M. Rocket barrages target central, southern Israel

Sirens sounded in the Tel Aviv area, the Jerusalem area and in and around Be'er Sheva and Ashkelon in Israel's south. Witnesses reported hearing sounds of explosions. (Haaretz)

2:01 P.M. Explosions heard in Ashkelon amid sirens

Witnesses reported the sound of explosions in Ashkelon, as sirens went off in the city bordering the Gaza Strip. (Nir Hasson)

1:47 P.M. Hamas: We have a lot more 'surprises' if Israeli strikes continue

The spokesman for the Hamas military wing, Abu Ubaida, said the group's "reaction so far was only a small part" of its capabilites, warning "as much as Israel intensifies [its strikes], we will increase our attacks, and we have plenty more surprises."

The Hamas statement also hailed the Palestinians' "steadfastness," adding "all parts of Palestinian society in all areas" are involved in the current camapign, referring to protests and clashes in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and across Israel. (Jack Khoury)

1:17 P.M. Over 1,300 Gaza rockets launched at Israel, army says

About 1,369 rockets were launched from Gaza toward Israel since the latest fighting broke out with the Strip, according to Brig. Gen. Itzik Bar of the Israeli military’s Home Front Command.

Out of these, 1,031 rockets fell in Israeli territory, with 264 landing in built-up areas.

Bar said that "It's possible to see how this campaign differs from the previous one," referring to the 2014 Gaza War, when 4,000 rockets were launched at Israel over a time span of 50 days. (Noa Shpigel)

1:10 P.M. Israel says it struck fourth Hamas anti-tank unit

The Israeli miltiary said its forces struck a Hamas anti-tank unit in Gaza, which was ready to fire at Israel.

The latest strike follows three others within a couple of hours. (Yaniv Kubovich)

12:20 P.M. Al Arabiya: Israel tells Egyptian mediators no ceasefire before Saturday

An Egyptian delegation of security officials, mediating between Israel and Hamas, arrived in Tel Aviv, sources tell Al Arabiya network.

According to the political sources cited by Al Arabiya, Israeli officials told the Egyptian delegation Israel isn't seeking a ceasefire before Saturday. (Haaretz)

11:52 A.M. Israel says it struck three Hamas anti-tank units within an hour

The Israeli miltiary said its forces struck three Hamas anti-tank units in Gaza City, "preventing firing into Israel." (Yaniv Kubovich)

11:50 A.M. Gaza authorities: Death toll climbs to 83

The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip said 83 people were killed so far in Israeli strikes, and 487 were wounded.

The deaths include 17 minors and seven women, authorities say. (Jack Khoury)

11 A.M. IDF strikes anti-tank launchers, another building in Gaza

The IDF said that it neutralized anti-tank launchers and their operators in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, following attacks into Israeli territory.

The IDF also stated that it struck a further Hamas building in Gaza, following its announcement earlier in the morning that it had hit 600 target in the enclave. (Yaniv Kubovich)

10:45 A.M. Several airlines cancel flights to Israel amid flare-up

Major airlines from Europe and the U.S. have cancelled flights to Israel in light of the deteriorating security situation.

Delta, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, and British Airways have all announced that their flights will be put on hold.

Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines said their flights from Frankfurt, Vienna and Munich will not go ahead on Thursday and Friday, while U.S. companies United Airlines and Delta said that flights will resume on Saturday.

British Airways released a statement saying that "the safety and security of our colleagues and customers is always our top priority, and we continue to monitor the situation closely."(Reuters, Rina Rozenberg Kandel)

10:41 A.M. U.S. Secretary of Defense says Israel has legitimate right to defend itself

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III told his Israeli counterpart Benny Gantz on Wednesday that the U.S. remains "committed to Israel's legitimate right to self-defense."

A readout of the phone call said that the department's support was "ironclad" and that it "strongly condemned the launching of rockets by Hamas and other terriorist groups that targeted Israeli civilians."

Austin also called on all parties to deescalate the situation ahead of Jewish and Muslim holidays. (Haaretz)

10:20 A.M. Israeli ground troops on standby at the Gaza border amid mounting violence

Israel has prepared combat troops along the Gaza border and was in "various stages of preparing ground operations," a military spokesman said, a move that would recall similar incursions during Israel-Gaza wars in 2014 and 2008 -2009.

"The Chief of Staff is inspecting those preparations and providing guidance ... we have a division headquarters and three maneuver brigades down in Gaza preparing themselves for that situation and for various contingencies," Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said. (Reuters)

8:19 A.M. 1,160 rockets fired at Israel since outbreak of violence

1,160 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of the violence this week, Israeli authorities said on Thursday morning. From this figure, around 240 of these rockets landed in the sea or in the Strip. (Almog Ben Zikri)

8:10 A.M. Israel redirecting arriving flights to Eilat airport

Israel's Civil Aviation Authority has announced that all commercial flights arriving at Ben-Gurion International Airport will be redirected to Ramon Airport in Eilat, in light of the escalating security situation.

Departures from Ben-Gurion International Airport, however, will continue as scheduled, as well as landings of cargo flights. (Rina Rozenberg Kandel)

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8:02 A.M. IDF: 130 rockets fired at Israel in last 12 hours

The IDF reported that around 130 rockets were fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip since 8 P.M. on Wednesday evening. They estimate that 24 of the rockets fell within Gaza. (Yaniv Kubovich)

7:52 A.M. Sirens sounded on Israel's Gaza border

Israel's border towns are facing renewed rocket sirens on Thursday morning. The alarms are being sounded in Sderot and the surrounding kibbutzim. (Almog Ben Zikri)

7:40 A.M. IDF claims it hit more than 600 Gaza targets in total

The Israeli army spokesperson has said that the IDF has hit more than 600 targets in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the military operation, with the majority belonging to Hamas.

This includes a tunnel located under a school, the Islamic movement's internal security organization, as well as two branches of the central bank used by Hamas in the enclave, the spokesperson claimed.

The IDF also claimed to strike the home of Iyad Tayyeb, a battalion commander in Hamas's military wing, overnight. (Yaniv Kubovich)

6:48 A.M. Dozens of Palestinians reported wounded after clashes with Israeli army in West Bank

Dozens of Palestinians suffered gunshot and sponge-tipped bullet wounds overnight Wednesday during clashes with Israeli army forces in the West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah reports.

In Jerusalem, 51 people were hospitalized, 20 in Hebron, seven in Nablus, and five in Tul Karm. One of the wounded is in critical condition and three others suffered serious wounds. (Jack Khoury)

6:37 A.M. Death toll in Gaza climbs to 67, 388 wounded reported, Palestinian Health Ministry says

Gaza Strip's death toll climbs to 67, including 17 minors, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Moreover, at least 388 Palestinians in the enclave were wounded, including 115 children and teenagers. (Jack Khoury)

6:12 A.M. Israeli army strike Hamas commander's home in Gaza

Israeli jets attacked on Thursday the house of a Hamas commander, the army spokesperson unit said.

"The IDF carries on with its strikes on terror targets in the Gaza Strip," the statement said. (Yaniv Kubovich)

5:30 A.M. Rocket siren sounded in southern Israel

After almost two hours of relative calm, rocket sirens sounded early Thursday in the Gaza border community of Kerem Shalom.

Twenty minutes later a second wave of sirens was heard throughout the area. (Haaretz)

3:18 A.M Rocket sirens blare in southern Israel

Rocket sirens sounded in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. (Haaretz)

1:59 A.M Gaza rocket hits house in Tel Aviv suburb

A residential house in the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva suffered a direct Gaza rocket hit overnight Wednesday, five were reported lightly wounded. A fire broke out at the site. (Bar Peleg)

1:53 A.M. Third consecutive Gaza rocket barrage toward Tel Aviv, central Israel

A third Gaza rocket barrage, in less than an hour, toward Tel Aviv and central Israel was fired overnight Wednesday. (Haaretz)

1:38 A.M. Israeli airstrikes hit 'strategic' Hamas properties in Gaza, army says

The Israeli army attacked "strategic" Hamas properties overnight Wednesday and carried out a number of targeted assassinations in the Gaza Strip, the army spokesperson unit says.

According to an army statement, "In the last two hours, IDF jets and aircrafts have attacked strategic Hamas properties and a naval cell in Gaza." (Yaniv Kubovich)

1:27 A.M. U.S. National Security Advisor speaks with Qatari Deputy Prime Minister to defuse tensions

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke overnight Wednesday with Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in ongoing efforts to defuse tensions. (Ben Samuels)

1:14 A.M. Rocket sirens blare in central Israel

Rocket sirens persist in Israel overnight Wednesday, as rocket alerts sounded in central Israel. Witnesses say that sirens went off in northern Israel as well. (Haaretz)

1:03 A.M. Rocket sirens blare in central Israel

Rocket sirens sounded in central and south Israel. (Haaretz)

12:29 A.M. Dozens of Palestinians reported injured in West Bank

The Palestinian Red Crescent has reported overnight Wednesday that dozens of Palestinans were injured following clashes with Israeli army forces in the West Bank.

Eleven suffered live fire injuries, two of whom are in serious condition. (Jack Khoury)

12:22 A.M. Prime Minister Netanyahu calls soaring violence ‘anarchy’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called overnight Wednesday the recent violent clashes in Israel “anarchy.”

“What happens in Israeli cities in recent days is intolerable. We see Arab rioters setting synagogues and cars on fire, clash with officers and hurt innocent civilians,” he said.

There is no “justification for Arabs lynching Jews, or Jews lynching Arabs,” he added. (Jonathan Lis)

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