Hebrew Brothers Unite: How Do You Say 'Dude' in Israel?

Is being called a 'human' by an Israeli stranger a good thing? When is it inappropriate to call a girl 'my sister'? StreetWise Hebrew tackles the slang of friendship and casual informality.

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How are the waves, 'gever?'
How are the waves, 'gever?'Credit: Dreamstime

You'll hear 'achi' ('brother') on the street all the time, but in which contexts should you use it? Can girls say it? Guy Sharett explains.

Words and expressions discussed:
Achi - אחי
Ach sheli - אח שלי
Achuya - אחויה
Gever - גבר
Ben adam - בן-אדם
Chaver - חבר
Achi, ma kore? - ?אחי, מה קורה
Ma nishma, ben adam? - ?מה נשמע, בן-אדם
Chaverim, ha'shulchan shelachem muchan - חברים,השולחן שלכם מוכן
Shalom, chaver - שלום,חבר
Chaver, ata chaser - חבר,אתה חסר
Chevre - חבר'ה
Chashvu az ha'chevre - חשבו אז החבר'ה
Ani im hachevre sheli ha'erev - אני עם החבר'ה שלי הערב
Chavera - חברה
Achoti - אחותי

HaDag Nahash - Shirat Hastiker (Sticker Song)
Arik Einstein - Dudu
Miri Mesika - Hey Ahoty

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