The Dark Side of the Shnitzel: A Look at Israel's Many Markets

On this episode of the Tel Aviv Table Podcast: An anthropological, gastronomical tour of Israel's fabled markets.

A scene at the Kfar Saba's old market.
A scene at the Kfar Saba's old market.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

This week we haul our shopping trolley through the passages of Israel’s food markets. Along the way we sample rose-water and rice noodle beverage 'faludeh,' chat with the founder of a new choose-it/grill-it/eat-it concept butcher, discover the darker side of schnitzel and spot a food anthropologist spying on human specimens.

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Hatikva Market walking tour, Act 1: Hasalouf Bakery
Tel Aviv’s best open secret is Hatikva Market in the south of the city, where influences from Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and Russia mingle in the market’s spacious alleys.

'Meat is passion…you just wanna bite it’
Six months ago, Yaniv Bar Nur founded a buy-it/grill-it/eat-it butcher in Carmel market with chef Yaron Kestenbaum. Yaniv discusses his lust for lamb and the changing face of the market.

How to make the most of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market
Inbal Baum moved to Israel from New York to found ‘Delicious Israel,’ a company devoted to food tourism. She shares her tips for making the most of a trip to the Carmel Market

Hatikva Market walking tour, Act 2: Fabulous 'faludeh'
We visit Zion Nurieli, who serves up a cooling Iranian beverage called ‘faludeh’ that blends rose water with rice noodles and mint.

The darker side of schnitzel at Petah Tikva market
TLV1′s crime reporter Ben Hartman talks about the Petah Tikva shuk, its underhand dealings and mobsters, and why you should be on your best behavior at the schnitzel stand.

Psychoanalyzing the shuk: How Israelis go to the market
Anthropologist Nir Avieli was intrigued by the way Israelis go to the market, and set out to analyze how Israel’s urban shuks reflect the powerplay of the city’s residents.

Food News: What Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones ate in Israel
What Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones ate on their visit to Israel; restaurant openings and closings; and Ramadan tips.

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