How to Dump Someone in Hebrew

In this episode of the StreetWise Hebrew Podcast, Guy Sharett tackles this tricky task - and throws in a few other useful tips, too.

The scene of a proper dumping.
The scene of a proper dumping.

Lizrok means ‘to throw’ in Hebrew, but how is it used in relationship lingo? Oh, and who is the most famous 'Varda' in Israel? Throw down whatever you are doing and hit the play button below.

Words and expressions discussed:
Ve-chamesh shanim itach zarakti la-pach – וְחָמֵש שָנִים אִיתָךְ זָרַקְתִי לַפַּח
Ulay tafsik lizrok aleyha kesef – אוּלַי תַּפְסִיק לִזְרוֹק עָלֵיהָ כֶּסֶף
Lizrok la-zevel – לִזְרוֹק לַזֶבֶל
Lizrok mishehu la-klavim – לִזְרוֹק מִישֶהוּ לַכְּלָבִים
Tizreki oto – תִּזְרְקִי אוֹתוֹ
Tizrok, zrok – תִּזְרוֹק, זְרוֹק
Rak zrok mila – רַק זְרוֹק מִילָה
Zrok lo eize mila – זְרוֹק לוֹ אֵיזֶה מִילָה
Zaruk – זָרוּק
Nizrak – נִזְרַק
Lehizarek al sapa – לְהִיזָרֵק עַל סַפָּה
Zrika – זְרִיקָה
Zrika shel hakadur – זְרִיקָה שֶל הַכָּדוּר
Zrikat adrenaline – זְרִיקַת-אַדרֵנָלִין
Mizraka – מִזְרָקָה
Zarkor, zrakor – זַרְקוֹר

Mami Ze Nigmar – Omer Adam
Yalla – Avihu Shabat & Michal Amdursky
Rak Zrok Mila – Climax
Kacha Nizrakti Ba’olam (poem) – Da’el Rodriguez Garcia

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