2 IDF Soldiers Arrested for Allegedly Trading Stolen Weapons

State, military police join forces to probe 6 suspects in illegal trading of M-16 rifles, hand grenades and ammunition to criminals.

Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers and four Israeli civilians were arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing and trading weapons and ammunition, according to details that emerged after a gag order on the case was lifted.


The suspects have been brought before the Kfar Saba Court, which is expected to extend their remand for the rest of the investigation.

Over the last few months the military police led an intensive investigation into the case, after receiving intelligence from the central police investigation unit. The information pointed at two IDF soldiers and four citizens, whose names have nor been revealed, who had allegedly stole several M-16 riffles, hand grenades, and large amounts of ammunition from a military base in central Israel.

The probe, conducted by both the military police and Israel police, lead the police to believe the suspects planned to sell the weapons to criminals.

In September this year, burglars broke into a police station in northern Israel, stealing some of its weapons and ammunition making it the third time burglars succeeded to break-in and steal weapons supplies from police stations in Israel this year.

In August, police arrested a border guard and five civilians on suspicion of stealing weapons from Israel Border Police base in the north of the country, in order to sell them to criminals.

In January, police arrested two men from Rishon Letzion after a cache of semi-automatic firearms was found near Taibeh in the center of the country.