Video: Settlers Attack, Injure Activists Accompanying Palestinian Shepherds in West Bank

A video shows masked figures approaching and attacking the group before fleeing


Activists accompanying Palestinian shepherds near a West Bank settlement were attacked by settlers on Friday. 

Settlers threw stones at the activists, who belong to the Ta'ayush organization, and tried to hit them with clubs near the Baladim outpost. Four of the activists were lightly hurt, according to a complaint filed with the police. 

A video captured by the activists shows masked figures approaching and attacking the group before fleeing. 

One of activists attacked in the video is prominent rabbi and human rights activist Arik Ascherman, who has endured attacks of a similar nature in the past.

Last week, several Israeli youths were caught on video throwing stones toward security forces near the outpost. Shortly after, a youth from the Beit El settlement was arrested, but was later released after presenting an alibi.

Baladim is considered to be one of the most radical settler outposts. Youths camp out there intermittently and don’t consider themselves a part of the settler establishment.