Pro-Palestinian Hackers Suspected of Disrupting Israel's Main Newscasts

During 'hostile takeover' of Israeli television, images of Muslim holy sites were shown along with images from recent fires and the words 'Allah is great' in Hebrew.

Hackers suspected to be pro-Palestinian activists disrupted the central newscasts of Israel's main television channels Tuesday night. Channels 2 and 10 saw images of Muslims sites cut into their evening newscast. The disruption ended after about half a minute.

During the disruption, images of Muslim holy sites were shown with Muslim prayers playing in the background. Images from the fires were also shown along with the words "Allah is great" written in Hebrew.

WATCH: Pro-Palestinian hackers suspected of disrupting Israel's main newscasts

Israel's government suggested that Israeli Arab and Palestinian arsonists were behind last week's spate of brushfires, however, police and firefighting data have failed to corroborate the claim.

The disruption only affected the broadcast being streamed from an open satellite link, but not those from Israel's YES satellite television and was thus not seen in all Israeli households.

A similar incident took place in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza when anti-Israeli messages were broadcast as an attempt at psychological warfare.

Israel's broadcasting authority said in response that "this is a hostile takeover of the satellite carrying the broadcast. We view this with the utmost severity and consider an act of sabotage." It said it was working with law enforcement officials and the defense establishment to investigate the incident.