Palestinian Woman Shot Dead After Attempting to Stab Israeli Troops, Police Say

Suspected assailant reportedly refused to stop and pulled out a knife at Border Police officers in West Bank junction.

Scene of attempted stabbing, today in West bank
Scene of attempted stabbing, today in West bank "Divuchei harega" group

A Palestinian woman was shot dead after trying to stab Border Police officers in the West Bank on Wednesday, Israeli security forces said.

According to the police, the Palestinian woman, 19, was walking toward policemen stationed at the Tapuach junction. A statement said an officer noticed her and warned the other officers, who called on her to halt and fired warning shots in the air.

When she refused to heed their calls, they shot and killed her, police added.

The Palestinian woman was from the town of Asira al-Shamaliya, near Nablus in the northern West Bank.

On Saturday, a Border Police officer was lightly wounded after he was attacked with a knife near the West Bank settlement of Har Adar. The attacker, whom authorities say was apparently a Palestinian, fled the scene.