Palestinians Throw Firebombs at Jewish-inhabited Homes in East Jerusalem

Police launch searches for suspects after Dabbash and Abu Nab homes come under attack in the east Jerusalem quarter. Property damage reported, no casualties.

Firebombs thrown at homes inhabited by Jews in Silwan, October 19, 2016. Haaretz

Firebombs were thrown early on Sunday at Jewish-inhabited homes in the East Jerusalem quarter of Silwan. Large numbers of police were deployed to search for suspects in neighboring homes. Property was damaged but there were no casualties in the attacks.

Since last week's shooting in Jerusalem that killed two Israelis even as the assailant was shot to death by police, there has been a lot of tension and frequent confrontations involving Palestinian youth and police.

Border Police officers shot and killed a Palestinian man of 20 on Tuesday night, the eve of Yom Kippur. Palestinians accused police of preventing a Red Crescent ambulance from reaching Ali Shiokhi in time to treat his wounds, and said that the man died because he lost too much blood. Police said Shiokhi was shot in a confrontation with masked assailants throwing stones and firebombs at them.

A Palestinian man of 25 was arrested on Saturday in the Old City, with a knife in his possession. Police say the man told them he wanted to martyr himself.

In the West Bank city of Nablus, the largest Palestinian city in the territory, IDF forces and Border Police sealed off an apartment and storage room and sealed the entrances, after orders were issued from Central Command to close the site because it was being used to prepare explosives.