LIVE UPDATES: Palestinian Killed, Hundreds Wounded in West Bank Clashes With Israeli Forces

Two Israelis wounded in stabbing attacks in Hebron and Jerusalem; stabbing attack in northern city of Afula averted.

Attempted terror attack in Afula MDA Spokeperson

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Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians continued to escalate Friday following a series of stabbing attacks throughout Israel and the West Bank.

At least six Palestinians were killed and over 60 were wounded during clashes with Israeli forces near the Gaza border fence Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, one Palestinian was killed and approximately 410 Palestinians were wounded during clashes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Two Israelis were lightly wounded in stabbing attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba several hours after an Israeli stabbed three Palestinians and a Bedouin man in the southern Israeli city of Dimona.

These are the ninth and tenth Israelis to be wounded in a stabbing attack in the last 24 hours. On Thursday, eight Israelis were wounded, two of them seriously, in four different stabbing attacks around the country.

Live updates:

10:22 P.M. Palestinians throw firebombs at Israeli forces in East Jerusalem's A-Tur neighborhood. Israeli forces respond by shooting one of the firebomb-throwers in the leg. Two minors were also arrested for throwing stones at Israeli forces. (Nir Hasson)

10:16 P.M. Palestinians throw stones at Israeli forces in Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, who respond with crowd dispersal measures. (Nir Hasson)

10:04 P.M. Three Israeli Arab youths were arrested for disturbing the peace after dozens, many of whom were masked, gathered in the northern Israel of Sakhnin. Dozens, several of whom wearing masks, gather at Nazareth's Tawfiq Ziad St. Several at the demonstration throw stones. Dozens gather at Kafr Kana's Beit Rimon Junction; several of the masked demonstrators throw stones at police. (Haaretz)

9:24 P.M. Palestinian sources report that a rocket fired from Gaza toward Israel exploded inside the Strip. (Haaretz)

8:28 P.M. A 22-year-old Palestinian was killed during clashes in Hebron on Friday and 410 Palestinian were reportedly wounded during clashes throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank. 

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent society, 410 Palestinians were wounded throughout the day. Twenty-seven were wounded by live ammunition, 96 from rubber-coated bullets, and 279 from teargas. Seven Palestinians were additionally reported beaten by police officers and soldiers and one was ran over by a vehicle. (Jack Khoury)

8:17 P.M. Israeli military fears Gaza rocket fire following deadly border clashes

Israeli forces clash with Palestinians near Beit El, West Bank, October 9, 2015.

The Israeli defense establishment is concerned at the possible ramifications of Friday's events in the West Bank and Gaza, in which at least six Palestinians were killed and scores wounded from IDF fire. In internal discussions held on Friday evening, officials voiced concern that the situation might prompt rocket fire into Israel from Gaza in wake of the death of protesters in the Strip.

The military says it plans to look into the soldiers' response to Gazans' storming of the security fence with Israel near Kibbutz Nahal Oz. Senior officers claimed that close to a thousand Palestinians approached the border fence in Gaza, and even said a grenade was thrown, but failed to detonate. (Amos Harel) Read full article here

7:56 P.M. The Arab Higher Monitoring Committee, the main Israeli leadership body, will convene at 9:00 P.M. for an emergency meeting following the latest violence.

There have been calls for a general strike throughout Arab society, especially in light of the shooting following the attempted stabbing attack in Afula. (Jack Khoury)

7:48 P.M. Confrontations that have broken out in Hebron, Bethlehem and near Beit El, were reportedly "the most severe clashes since the latest round of violence began." (Jack Khoury)

7:41 P.M. Palestinian death toll in clashes near Gaza border rises to six, and at least 60 wounded. (Jack Khoury)

7:35 P.M. Interior Minister Silvan Shalom said Friday that he will act to remove terrorists' citizenship and residency status.

"A state that desires life cannot and should not permit terrorists to continue being citizens and residents and continue to enjoy the rights conferred upon them." (Ilan Lior)

6:49 P.M. Magen David Adom emergency responders treated 16 wounded in various medical states throughout Israel, including two in moderate condition, nine in light condition and five suffering from shock. (Haaretz)

6:26 P.M. Two arrested on suspicion of throwing firebombs at a car on Highway 65 in northern Israel. (Noa Shpigel)

5:51 P.M.  Israeli Arab assailant in Afula had no security record: According to the Shin Bet, the Israeli Arab woman behind Friday's attempted stabbing attack in Afula was a 30-year-old resident of Nazareth with no record of security offenses. (Amos Harel)

Palestinians during clashes with Israeli forces near the Gaza border, October 9, 2015.

4:55 P.M. 35 Palestinians in Gaza reported wounded: Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson says that 35 Palestinians seriously wounded during clashes near Gaza border. (Jack Khoury)

3:56 P.M. Female attacker in Afula was Israeli Arab: Female assailant involved in attempted stabbing attack in northern Israeli city of Afula was an Israeli Arab resident of northern Israel. (Noa Shpigel)

3:42 P.M. Detention of Israeli assailant in Dimona extended: The detention of the Jewish assailant behind Friday's Dimona stabbing attack has been extended by six days. (Almog Ben Zikri)

3:30 P.M. Hamas chief calls for further unrest: Hamas Gaza-based leader, Ismail Haniyeh, called the recent spate of violence in Israel and the West Bank an "intifada" and urged further unrest.

"We are calling for the strengthening and increasing of the intifada... It is the only path that will lead to liberation," AFP quoted him as saying. "Gaza will fulfill its role in the Jerusalem intifada and it is more than ready for confrontation." (Haaretz)

3:08 P.M. Erdan mulls banning Lehava: Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said in an interview with Army Radio that he is considering outlawing the Jewish extremist organization Lehava. (Haaretz)

2:59 P.M. 2 Palestinians reported killed by IDF fire: According to Palestinian reports, two Palestinians were killed and more than 20 were wounded after approaching the Gaza border fence near Nahal Oz. In recent days, the border area has been generally quiet, but the IDF fears that recent events in the West Bank and East Jerusalem will affect the calm. (Amos Harel, Jack Khoury)

Noa Shpigel

2:48 P.M. Israeli who attacked cameraman turns self in: The man who attack a Channel 2 cameraman following last night's attack in Afula turned himself in to the police. He explained that someone struck him during the unrest, and simply pushed back in the crowd's general direction in return. He said he didn't know the people near him were journalsits, and did not intend to hurt anyone. (Noa Shpigel) 

2:30 P.M. IDF shoots at Palestinians near Gaza border: The Israel Defense Forces shot at three Palestinians approaching the fence near Kibbutz Nahal Oz on the border with Gaza. (Almog Ben Zikri)

1:38 P.M. Assailant in Kiryat Arba attack succumbs to wounds: The Palestinian attacker involved in Friday's Kiryat Arba stabbing succumbed to her wounds. (Chaim Levinson)

1:32 P.M. Palestinian woman attempts stabbing attack in Afula: According to initial reports, a Palestinian woman attempted to stab several passersby at the main bus terminal in the northern Israeli city of Afula. The attacker was moderately wounded. No casualties were reported. (Noa Shpigel)

12:33 P.M. Israeli policeman stabbed near Hebron: 47-year-old plice officer stabbed in West Bank village of Kiryat Arba outside of Hebron. The attacker tried to take the officer's gun, but he was quickly neutralized. The officer sustained wounds in his arm and leg. The attacker succumbed to his wounds shortly thereafter. (Chaim Levinson)

12:32 P.M. Israeli teen stabbed in Jerusalem: A 16-year-old was lightly wounded in a stabbing atack on Shemuel Hanavi Street in Jerusalem. He was taken to Hadassah Hospital for medical attention. The teenage Palestinian attacker was apprehended. Police are searching for a vegetable peeler, which the assailant allegedly used in the attack.

12:15 P.M. Netanyahu condemns Dimona attack: Prime Minister Netanyahu condemns Dimona attacks, saying "Israel is a country of law and order. Those who use violence and break the law – from whatever side – will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law."

10:00 A.M. Three Palestinians stabbed in Dimona: Three Palestinian construction workers were stabbed by an Israeli man in Dimona. One 35-year-old victim incurred mild wounds, while the other two, in their 50s, incurred light wounds. 

8:58 A.M. Bedouin man stabbed in Dimona: A 20-year-old Bedouin municipal worker was found stabbed in the southern Israeli city of Dimona. Police later discovered that his attacker was a Jewish man, who went on to stab three more Palestinian construction workers in the area.