Palestinian Stabs Jewish Man in Central Jerusalem, Apprehended by Mayor

Victim, an ultra-Orthodox man, sustains light to moderate wounds; 18-year-old assailant taken into custody. Mayor of Jerusalem says he himself restrained the assailant until police arrived.

The assailant restrained by police. Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, in the white shirt.
The assailant restrained by police. Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, in the white shirt. Screenshot

An 18-year-old Palestinian stabbed a Jewish man in central Jerusalem on Sunday. The victim, an ultra-Orthodox man, sustained light to moderate wounds.

The incident took place at Tzahal Square. A security guard on the scene apprehended the assailant until the police arrived and took him for questioning.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspected assailant is an 18-year-old illegal Palestinian resident. 

According to a paramedic who was at the scene, the man was stabbed in the stomach, and was taken for medical treatment fully conscious and in a stable condition.

The Jerusalem Municipality stated that it was the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, who restrained the assailant together with his bodyguard, seconds after the stabbing occured. Barkat said that he was driving near the scene of the attack when his team spotted the assailant.

"My bodyguard and I jumped straight out of the car, he drew his weapon and together we caught the terrorist until police arrived, and we took care of the wounded, who, happily, was only lightly wounded."  

Barkat said that when he and his bodyguards faced the assailant, he threw down his knife.

"This too is part of our life in Jerusalem. It's clear that if he would have looked to continue stabbing he wouldn't have been alive now. But he threw the knife away," Barkat said. 

Palestinian stabs man, apprehended by mayor (in white shirt):

The assailant arrested by the police (mayor in white shirt):


Area where the stabbing occured.