WATCH: Video Shows Hamas Militants in Supposedly Undiscovered Tunnel

The veracity of the Al Jazeera report, which also shows rockets and rocket launchers, could not be independently verified.

The Al Jazeera Arabic TV network has released a video of armed Hamas militants inside a Gaza tunnel, which the militants say was not discovered by the Israel Defense Forces during its month-long operation in Gaza.

In the video, which was released on Thursday, the militants from the Hamas armed wing Iz al-Din al-Qassam said that they had not abandoned their positions during the cease-fire and were ready to continue combat with Israel if their demands are not met.

"At this point we have not received order to leave our positions," one of the militants told the Al Jazeera reporter. "We are on high alert and will continue to fight the enemy until our demands are met."

The video also showed the militants in a reinforced bunker, surrounded by rockets and rocket launchers, mortar shells and RPGs.

While the Al Jazeera reporter maintained that the tunnel was on the Gaza-Israel border and remained intact, the report could not be independently verified.

An Israeli pillbox position was clearly visible through the firing openings of the bunker.

"We remain in this trench in the border area, because we do not believe the machinations of the Jews," another Hamas militant said in the video. "From this position we fired on several settlements, including Eshkol, and on the enemy's troop concentrations."