Mixed Reactions to Israelis' Erotic Moral-boosting Facebook Effort

Concerned Israeli citizens set up Facebook page that seeks to 'keep Israel's cliff steadfast.'

A screenshot from the Facebook page.
A screenshot from the Facebook page.

Israel's Operation Protective Edge, now in its third week, was given a different title is Hebrew: 'Operation Steadfast Cliff.' Yesterday, some concerned Israeli citizens gave the world a new Facebook page that, according to its title, seeks to 'keep the cliff steadfast.'

The page calls on Israeli women to show their support of IDF troops by snapping and uploading erotic photos of their bodies, upon which uplifting messages for Israel's troops are scrawled. The pages short intro explains: "We are 'raising' the national morale… You keep us safe from above, and we will watch you from below!"

The page is being received with mixed emotrions. One person wrote "I must admit, I am a great fan of this page… You have found the way to give our soldiers the most uplifting present without even leaving the house. I thank you, in the name of every soldier who got a moment of peace and a reason to enter the battlefield with a smile on his face. Be he married or single, be he pious or a player, a big thank you from all soldiers, for the self- confidence and the strength of soul you teach us."

Others were less positive. "I don't want to bum you out, but wow - bad idea. Good execution, bad idea. Thanks, but no thanks to whoever invited me to this group," said one. Another quipped: "Boys, what about the gay soldiers? They need to know you are behind them, too, so join the effort and send your naked photos!"