Syrian Civil War Clips Get Recycled for Israel-Gaza Propaganda Battle

Both sides guilty of using video to show the evil that can be done by their enemies.

Pro Israel video
A shot of the video portraying Syrian children as Palestinians being used as human shiled by Hamas. YouTube

Partisans on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have rehashed graphic videos from the Syrian civil war to demonize the other, International Business Times reported Monday.

On the pro-Israeli side, one user ziv121213 uploaded a video to YouTube on Friday to demonstrate how Hamas uses children as human shields against Israeli fire. The video had over 111,000 likes as of Monday. The problem is the video was previously uploaded in February, portraying Syrian children launching mortar together.

The description in Arabic, according to the Times, reads, "After the brutal SAF-Barrel Bomb Attacks these Syrian kids decide to give an answer to Assad," referring to the Syrian Air Force and the president of Syria.

The Electronic Intifada exposed the hoax hours later on Friday.

On the pro-Palestinian side, the Times discovered, the Kashmir Headlines news service posted on Facebook a video of a father hugging his dead son. The caption reads, "Watch what International Media is hiding from you #GazaUnderAttack #PrayforGaza #FreeGaza." The video actually originated in Syria.

A Syrian blogger who goes by the handle of The Revolting Syrian exposed the hoax on Twitter, upset that no one seemed to care or share the video when the father was Syrian, but people decided to care when the vide was "(mis) labeled as 'Gaza' people."

He later pointed out in a separate post that the video "clearly says 'Homriyeh, 10/2012."

Earlier in June, the BBC called into question a number of images posted with the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack after discovering that some of them dated back to 2009.